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I see her beautiful, slim, thin, charming, elegant, delicate, coquette, feminine, sexy active and in good shape. She enjoys life and does not take herself too seriously. She wants to invest in a long-term loving relationship where respect honesty and open communication are a priority. Most importantly she wants to have lots of fun. This is what I would like to live. I would like to feel that both parties are investing and committing to build a long term, strong and fun loving couple.

To live in the Renconre, complicity, a happy couple, respectful, joyful, harmonious, affectionate and most of all to have lots of fun together. I was also drawn to the social factors of France such as the French culture, food, language, hkmme history along with beautiful architecture and of course their sport! I was fortunate enough to experience playing semi professional rugby for the Town team Toulouse Olympics Rugby. The two main difference between my life in SA and France were the effecient public transport I used in France instead of driving my own car and also fast and easily accessible internet. I would advice future South African students to do thourough research on their desired program to make sure that what they plan to study is aligned with their career goals.

I also think it would be beneficial to learn a little bit of French before going France for about months as preparation.

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