How to flirt with a guy over the phone

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8 Dos And Don’ts Of Talking To Your Guy On The Phone

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If you seem too distracted during a conversation it can be a HUGE turn-off.

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It shows that he is not important to flrit. We have talked about what you should do to have a flirtacious conversation. Here are a list of things you should not do when flirting on the phone: Do NOT burp into the phone! Do NOT eat while on the phone!

Do NOT chew gum while on the phone! Do NOT use the bathroom while on the phone! Do NOT talk excessively about your past relationships! Do NOT monopolize the ti The hot phoje you met last week? Anytime you converse with someone, there is a peak and a trough in energy of the interaction. Your goal, therefore, is to end your phone conversation before said trough hits. As you get to know each other better, you can increase the times from there. The last thing you want is your phone conversation to sound like a phone interview.

Chatting on the phone is a lot less like a text message conversation and a lot more like a real date… so treat it as such! Instead, look for fun in every conversational thread. If he feels comfortable talking to you, he'll relax and the conversation will flow much easier. Listen and respond to what he's saying; you'll keep his attention if he thinks you're interested. Giving him positive feedback will increase his confidence, and make you more attractive to him. Remember not to lose sight of what the conversation is about. Ask and answer questions to show that you're interested and interesting.

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If there's a lull in the conversation, get his attention by talking about his interests sports, hobbies, etc. If this is the first time you are talking on the phone, remind phoe who you are and gguy you pohne when he picks up the phone. You want him to remember the moment that you met, to bring back the feeling of what attracted him to you in the first place. Step 2 Compliment him. Tell him that he stood out to you when you met because of his eyes, smile or whatever it was that attracted to you to him. This lets him know that you find him attractive, and he'll compliment you back -- hopefully. Step 3 Ask him about his interests and be interested in what he has to say.

A guy loves it if you're interested in the things he cares about.

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