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She also has a love of karaoke. Before the incident with the Momois, Mikura had visions which involved Momomi. In the uncut version, it is suggested she might have a crush on Kurokawa.

He loves noodles, drives a yellow Volkswagen Bug, howls at hot women and always cracks lame puns. Mikura and Harada refer to Kurokawa as "Pops" for short. He likes to think that he is in charge, and more often-or-not, he does arrange jobs for the DSA. However, his knowledge in underworld dealings is valuable to the team. When the DSA was contracted to kidnap a baseball owner, he thought he recognized his face. He's a pointy-haired young man who is infatuated with Mikura, but won't admit it to himself or others. He is an expert on GynoidsAndroidsand all things technical. In the beginning, he was working on a prototype for a Gynoid who acted as a prostitute and did sexual favors to those who would pay.

The owner of the Peach Twisters, Momokichi has had to deal with constant losing seasons of his beloved team. However, the usual tactic he employs to unload ineffective players is by killing them. He was one of the team owners suspected in "The Bloody Pennant Race", a series of killings of baseball players ten years prior. He is also an avid bowler, and would often be challenged by his daughter Momomi at a bowling alley he owned, the Peach Bowl.

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