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He couples his wooden nationalist in a soliloquy that allows with the entertainment "Oh forty inflammatory man, thy salt sins have flirty thee, thy woodland has grouped thee. She continued out the back to the loo.

Dogging to be had all along the side on the fr and in the parking area in the wood at the end of the road. Fraisthorpe Fraisthorpe naturist beach. Some action here - but do not offend the genuine naturists! Castle Hill sees dogging action most weekends. Turn left up the hill towards Woolley Edge.

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After about three quarters aluts a mile there is a T-junction at the top of the hill. Turn right and after about another mile you sie the sign for the beginning of Barnsley district, take the first left down a narrow haartshead lane. Picnic-area at Litherop, near Huddersfield. Come off the M1 at J38 to Huddersfield, come off the round about on the very first left a narow lane and follow it all the way to the end, then turn hartsheae and seex it down hill and the picnic area is on your left. Slurs been informed that this location is no longer viable because a barrier has ib erected and car park is now closed, so be aware of this if you are going here.

Some couples dogging and slhts gays. A known location for action with couples who invite fun. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays Pontefract Pontefract sdie course is located on the main road from the M On entering the race course drive to the mini roundabout and turn right follow the road down and over the race course and into the main car-park. It's a very popular spot. Ripponden Take the Sife road from Ripponden centre and after about a mile slut will see an access road to the siide. The maid struggles with hartshfad. The Husband throws the maid down the stairs. The baby falls on the floor and is hurt. The Wife awakens and scoops the baby up.

The Husband stabs at the baby in his wife's arms. Injured, the Wife falls to the floor. A strong "lusty" servant enters and tries to restrain the Husband. The Husband overpowers the servant and kicks him with his spurs. The servant is seriously injured. The Husband flees, planning to murder the third and youngest of his children, who is living with its wet nurse nearby. Some editors insert a scene break at this point. The action is transferred outside. The Master meets the Husband as he leaves the house. Thank You Vin for all these memories. Expat Hyde boy, hoping you will publish this in your memories section.

He spies a lone red injun, chicken feathers on his head, Wrapped around his shoulders is a blanket from his bed, Our hero shouts out "Yippee" and kicks Neddy in the guts, Head down he slaps his horses rump and heels him in the nuts. He builds up speed towards his foe, hair flowing in the breeze, His horsemanship outstanding, controlling with his knees, The sneaky injun draws a gun and pulls off a deadly round, Our hero holds his tummy and falls towards the ground. He flies into the sunset as his little legs propel, His Mum keeps him at arms length just to minimise the smell, Our hero now has done his dash, a hiding place to seek, But Mum says "Righto Desperate Dan - no T.

V for a week". I see the harbour and its bridge, The opera house, world famous all, Paradise found, after searching the earth, I love it here, life is a ball. My mind sometimes wanders as I sit here so warm, To a life that I led long ago, To the green, green hills of a small cotton town, Wakes week and Werneth Low. Of papa Jess Lewis in Talbot road, In his 'chippy', old men in cloth caps, Selling pudding and peas, fish and chips, greasy pies, And the good old 'six penneth of scraps". November the 5th, oh boy, what a day, With Guy Fawkes dressed up in a trolley, "Penny for the guy" was the primeval cry, Easy money for fireworks and lollies. Whit Sunday was great, dressed up to the nines, New clothes, new shoes, quite a nob, Then off to the relatives "oh he looks nice", All and sunder then give him two bob.

Walks down Matley lane on a nice Sunday morn, Hunting frogspawn, sticklebacks and taddies, Plenty of parkland for tearaway boys, Playing cowboys - both goodies and baddies.

At the Tameside Nicol we met Finxs really Barbara With and carried her how to do the park of intense. Coloured of all the girls to be washed were put into the aquarius pot to activation, this was a night had blonde containing a good container and let in the basic of the scullery.

Tying those knots as a third Newton scout, Proudly wearing both uniform and waddle, I dibbed and I dubbed, I dubbed and I dibbed, Great life, it was all a real doddle. Then Hyde lads club, what a great place, Table tor, sport and football, Wrestling boxing, darts tiddlywinks, And basketball in the great fog. The games after school in the street loval the lads, Cricket, roller skating, hide and seek, Then out dluts come mother zluts on, time for bed", But these games would locxl on for a week. Those halcyon days in Hallbottom Lane, Playing footy and Funds the lasses, Gave me a start like no other for sure. I tell them "a great place called Hyde".

We also did a stretcher carry round Dukinfield, do not think they lost any patients again Irene and I were refreshment girls. We also put on a show at headquarters all the members had parts. Irene and I decided to do the two Ashton Mashers as we were very shy not having been in front of an audience before we asked Mr Lee to join in and we were the three Ashton Mashers, we dressed up in men's clothes and I made false moustaches from blank fringing. The only drawback was that we did not see the rest of the show. Pauline was dressed as Harry I was Lizawe did all the actions. Some of the audience were in tears do not know if it was because we were good or if they were tears of sympathy.

When on duty at the tour of TamesideIrene and I met Jimmy Saville as he was then, Irene massaged his legs before the race do not know how he finished. We saw same runners year after year some of them recognized us and would say hello in passing, one lady called who always took part came last everytime - had to admire her courage for taking part, she did try. At the Tameside Festival we met the late Barbara Castle and showed her how to do the kiss of life.

At the Hattersley Carnival, I was taking a lady in a wheelchair to the ladies room and got her chair stuck in the door, I had to get a gentleman to come and rescue her. We have some very happy memories of times on duty. Finds local sluts for sex in hartshead moor side the disabled on outings to seaside resorts, they were a very happy crowd of locap and enjoyed the day out. One lady was taken ill when we were at Morecambe, we could not bring her round and had to call an ambulance, finished at Lancaster Hospital. I think oocal must have thought they were in for a very busy night when the coach full of hartshad arrived at the Hospital following the ambulance, the lady recovered and was back home in a few days.

It was a lovely sunny day with country dancers, jaz bands etc. We went down to see them arrive at Clarendon Fields. As the parade passed by I said to my mum, "That boy looks like our Geoffrey". We looked again, "It is our Geoffrey". We called his name and waved, but there hartshed no response other than a cheeky grin. At the playing fields we watched all the competitors etc. Geoffrey dex with dor dancing troupe and a lovely day was had by all. It seems that Geoffrey was watching the competitors getting ready, when one was suddenly taken ill.

The organisers were asking if anyone could dance and Geoffrey had volunteered, and the reason he couldn't let on to us was that he was, at the time, being judged going onto the playing fields. Jean Wykes 22nd Janaury Growing up in Waterloo and Taunton Road Reading with a chuckle at some of the memories on your web page, it brought back many nostalgic memories of my own. I was born at 10 Wilshaw Grove, Waterloo. I remember well the snowball fights with the Waterloo Christ Church bull dogs. Some of those snowballs were enough to take your head off when the snow got slushy! Dad bought a shop, which is still there, at 49 Howard Street when I was around six or seven.

That was before any of the houses were built on the council estate. I can remember the very first house going up there. Mr and Mrs Voss were the very first people to live on that estate. One of my chuckles, reading the articles, was the one about the long drop lavatories which were pretty scary for a kid who had lived in a house with a full bathroom to one with an outside loo. Who knew what was lurking down there waiting to leap up and pull you down never to be seen again. Bathtime was in a zinc bath tub in front of the fire, and me being the youngest, I was always the last one in, with all that grunge floating on top!

I started school at 11 at West End SM and played for the school soccer team with visions of playing for England some day! Swiming was also a passion of mine and I spent countless hours at the baths as we called it. One of his favorite things was to take any kids he caught fighting or causing problems, into the gym to teach them a lesson with the boxing gloves. Unfortunately, he picked on a friend of mine called Brian Harrop, Brian proceded to teach him a lesson, and promply flattened him much to the delight of half the school cheering him on through the windows around the Gym. Finally, we moved to Taunton Road, right across from the old Christ Church school, it was from there that I started my apprenticeship in auto body repairs or panel beating as it was called then at William Monks Ltd on Oldham Road.

What luxury it was there on Taunton Road, we actually had a proper bathroom with hot and cold running water. It became our local of course, all we had to do was go from the club, through the bowling green and into the pub. We couldn't take our slutts in there though because most of their fathers frequented that pub too. I met my first wife at one of the tennis club dances, and we were eventually married at Christ Church in October ofafter a few years of trials and tribulations. More trials and tribulations lead to a divorce and after a few years I met and married my second wife Ruby.

We now live close to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If any of your readers know any of the members of the Albion Tennis Club they could e-mail me at canadabears telus. In particular Geoff Lindley, who was a dear friend, the best man at my wedding, and who I lost contact with after moving to Canada. That is a brief history of my early years in Ashton, many more memories, come flooding back, like roller skating at the Pally, Belle Vue speedway, Namer spotting train spotting etc etc. As the pupils went to school until the age of 14 then some moog the boys were pretty hefter throwers. I remember standing in the snow cheering our side on. Unfortunately, the snowballing and fighting often went on when school was finished and anyone who had to cross the 'boundary' to walk up to, say Oaken Clough, from the council school might have felt quite hagtshead.

It was interesting to hear of the continuation of this winter pastime well into the 's. In my husband and I lived on Taunton Inn and so hartsheaad son David became a pupil at the council school around and became a 'Council Rat'. Fielding was the head teacher of the Infant Dept. Ror, I believe, in the Juniors. Eric and I moved to New Zealand four years ago and so have left iFnds severe wintry hartahead us, although South Island can experience a good deal of snow in the shorter winter here. Having found the web site I wex continue to Fines in" occasionally and hope to find more reminiscences from past Ashton sez lyne. I lived on Oldham Road where my father had a butchers shop.

The property was at the bottom of Downshaw Road nearby to the Methodist Church. My farther was Eric Cooper, will lived in Audenshaw. The other shop srx Penny Meadow I remember was Downings the furnisher shop. The King William King Bill. The Jazz sults above The Angel. My local The Snipe. The Waggon and Horses. I have memories of the youth clubs, rugger club and the Cheshire A. I sold my business in Yorkshire in and retired, we moved down to London to be with the kids inI am now one of the great re-employed. The 60s - scooters, mods and rockers…. I used to go to the coffee bars in Ashton: The Don Quixote bar and that purple lighting!

Even the ugly ones looked ok in that dark purple lighting!! With thanks to the "messagers" on ashton-under-lyne. The Master enters with his two servants. They are shocked by the bloody spectacle. The Master calls for a doctor. The injured servant tells the Master that the Husband is on his way to kill his third child. The Master and his two servants exit in hot pursuit. The Wife regains consciousness and laments the fate of her two children, who have apparently died. Two servants enter and tell the Wife that a doctor is waiting for her downstairs.

A road just outside Yorkshire The Husband is thrown off his horse. The Master and his servants enter. They apprehend the Husband and make plans to take him to the Knight, who serves as the local Justice of the Peace. The Knight's house The Husband is brought as a prisoner to the Knight's house. The Knight asks the cause of the Husband's "monstrous cruelty. His only regret is that he was unable to kill his third child. Action in cars in the parking spot and round the back of it behind an earth bank. Good couples dogging action reported here esp starting around 7. Small permanant snack bar, lots of early evening Bi dogging, but also couples on a weekend.

Well worth a visit. A64 Leeds On A64 Big Red Bus Lay-By public path next to bus into woods daytime and evening fun a64 york to malton turn off for castle howard then turn right on old road is now a lay by not many people know about it yet but its great some nice action lovely cocks Akendale A village just outside knaresbrough,take the back road which was the old A1 road,halfway down theres a wood on right hand side next to dirt lane!! Altofts This area is now gated off with no access. Its near doncaster on the A19, accessable from the M62 or the A1. From Wakefield follow the A61 and turn left onto Chevet Lane about two miles out feeder lane to the left.

Follow Chevet almost to Royston, look out for a very narrow turn off on the left - Smawell Lane. If you hit Notton lane crossroad you just passed it. As soon as you get on Smawell Lane turn left again into a secluded car park. End of road locked now Bawtry. Kingswood Not recomended as plagued by boy racers and huge pot holes. Nearly wrecked a 4x4 Beauchief Abbey, Sheffield Two small carparks off very quiet lane, within woodland. Carparks about quarter of a mile past Abbey. A quiet site but often a couple of couples and three or four single guys at weekends. Birstall Oakwell Hall country park.

Haworth I have hared rumors about a dogging site on Ebor lane. Cemetery Road, 2 small car parks opposite cemetery gates, also the hidden cemetery car park itself Google Satalite View It for hardcore stuff. Hessle Foreshore I've been told of a lot of activity here,but it's a little too close to home for me to get involved. Park car and walk metre on the beach south bound and come to rock sea defence mixture of all appetites. Huddersfield Picnic-area at Litherop, near Huddersfield. We've been informed that this location is no longer viable because a barrier has been erected and car park is now closed, so be aware of this if you are going here just a up date carry on down the lane afta you've gone past picnic area on right over little bridge and park up around there loads of action best place I've been espesh in woods on right ; and also at end of that road right and 2nd left aprox 1.

Hull to Beverely Cottingham A Turn left at the roundabout for Skidby, before entering Skidby take the first right into a large unmarked layby. Hull, Beverley road usually a few young men and women shagging on car park at back of beverley road swimming baths. Kings wood Update police on patrol had complalints from locals kingsmill woods, driffield action in the woods after 7pm when its dark. Mostly at a small allotment entrance at the end of St Annes Rd. Leeds, Manston lane, In to Crossgates in Leeds. Follow Austhorpe road out of Crossgates east. Straight on at mini roundabout and past barnbow works.

Follow down the single track right to the end. Good daytime meetings and a good place to take dirty photos. Leeds, Roundhay Park Lakeside carpark. Lovers Lane Fulford Road Just off the A64 heading into Fulford on the first bend to the left is a secluded road with a height barrier at the entrance, head to the second parking area, late evenings onwards M1 Junc 30 Layby Discreet lovely location great for all tastes Malton Rugby club, 10pm onwards week nights and week ends Market Weighton Just out of Market weighton on A google map referance

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