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I tucked the first academy he mmentioned for 12 k. Crap of these scams fares.

Will it preferred to take the girl out to Home, instead of SP's place or hotel. Thank you in advance. Bed and sheets will be horrible. The room might oodz bad. Also the girls live like pigs in it. All in all Bnw huge boner killer. I say if Bw have a place of your own and Pqrty lets you take the girl out then go for it. Reply came back that first recharge my pg for XYZ amount. And tn transfer money. Aalt you can guess what I told her she could do with her offer. Beware of these scams friends. Advance payment is a taboo. Stop discussion when mentioned. He had been pinging me everyday for last few days and telling me about a firang girl. So finally decided to pay him a visit, he mementioned tht he had 2 firangs.

And other was as usual 8 k. But the second girl was busy and not available. I negotiated the first girl he mmentioned for 12 k. While gng to her hotel I was blaming myself for getting into a bad deal. But decided to just move on. Went to her room. And moment I saw her I was like she is worth iit. She is from uzbekistan. After initial conversation we got into action. But allowed everything else. Guess she loves to be guided. She gave hints to play with her ass. If your really in a mood just to fuck a girl with some good body.

She is the girl. Don't expect GFE and all. SP sent me 3 different girls and asking 7 k for ST.

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Since I had a very bad experience yesterday, need some reviews, if anyone availed their services. Informed him, am busy now will call later. Once I was free, spoke to him for a few minutes and he was eager to get me hooked to some of his collection of babes. He sent me pics of the attached babe saying she is good. I believe its the attitude of some of us as members, refusing to pay or fall in their trap for their escalated prices. These SP will certainly realize later, we are not ready to budge out hard earned money from our pocket for any prices they say. I couldn't believe later on he said Come Sir, I will reduce the rates only for you, but please don't tell anyone.

So guys, if we stick to our agreed budget these SP will reduce their quoted rates. I told him will check on the weekend, as I am held up with some work. Did Anyone avail services from the babe below. He told me 25 K for LT and came down to 18 K. I didn't budge yet. But she is tempting, yet to decide. I have sticked to 15 K, right now. Luckily the work got done earlier than scheduled so contemplated having a good time since Johny hasnt been in action for some time.

If you don't give to him starring and extra stick to your choice he will find down his quotes. Hardly reading this FR, it seems our steak wounded was wearing to get 2 years in ST.

Contacted Sp Rohit and he asked me to meet at Lane 3. Met prty there and he took me to a nearby flat where he showed me 3 girls. All 3 were good but the price quoted Bvw K which was too much. Negotiated hard but dalt would not go below 6 K citing the girls service. I thought of leaving paarty one girl caught my eye fair girl, slim figure and a lovely smile. Finally I relented and paid 6. Had good fun with the girl and popped in minutes. ;arty the time I was ready for saalt second round got a call from my boss asking me pparty join a un ASAP so had no option to dress up and leave. Shared a passionate kiss with the girl before leaving. Made me almost cum. But seriously the prices have gone too high.

After reading this FR, it seems our fellow monger was going to get 2 sessions in ST. So ST that is being negotiated with SPs, is it for 1 session or 2 sessions? Whenever I have tried, it has been only for 1 session. If it's only 1 session, then why 2 hours? I believe single session doesn't take 2 hours. It's usual tactics used by SP to get high cut for themselves. Please don't fall in this traps. In my case initially SP use to quote me 6 k and then if you negotiate hard he has been came down to 4 K. If you don't respond to him quickly and just stick to your quote he will fall down his quotes. In fact now my SP has agreed and providing similar chicks just for 3.

If you negotiate with him and request him he will also agree for 2 HR 2 sessions but then he will ask for little higher quote. I Guess for most people 1 HR 1 session is sufficient as its not easy to go for 2nd session immediately hence though you have 2 hours it may not be worth. Off course it's depends on individual capacity. Make sense to avoid their place though it's safe. But here she is CIS. It has been said that the majority of world Jewry have never visited Israel even once.

loda According to a survey conducted a few years ago by the American Jewish Committee, American Jews, in their identity as Jews place Holocaust remembrance in first place, followed by celebration of Jewish holidays, Jewish study, synagogue services and Jewish organization activity. Visits to Israel came last. Is this a reflection of the true picture? In the world, France leads in attracting tourists, some 77 million a year. Compare the attractions of France and Israel. It should be pargy that some thousands lodzz our visitors are not attracted by the religious or historic sites, but fly directly to Eilat for the climate and the sports activities there.

Attempts have been made walt promote special appeals. Not long ago Israel published a Guide to Medical Tourism, listing special facilities for cancer patients, plastic surgery, cardiovascular and orthopedic cases. Attention was called to the therapeutic benefits of the Tiberias hot springs and exposure to the waters of the Dead Sea as well as the climate in the area. Large numbers of tourists come here as members of organized groups which follow a preplanned itinerary, taking in the major classical sites. Organizations and institutions of course have the visitors spend time in their special areas of interest, but occasionally it is Pictured above: Following the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem inthe Western Wall plaza was cleared of houses and a complicated archaeological project was initiated to clear a tunnel from the plaza northwards.

Thousands of tons of dirt and refuse were cleared along a length of some meters to reveal ancient structures and water systems, including a Hasmonean water tunnel and a section of road dating from the time of the Second Temple. Not only does the tunnel expose the bedrock of the Temple Mount, but the carefully dressed Herodian stones from the Second Temple can now be seen as well. The start of a tour to the tunnel complex is via a large impressive scale model of the Second Temple. The model is computerized so that the visitor can see how the Temple Mount and its immediate area looked at various time scales before its final destruction in 70 CE. The building was destroyed in the earthquake, but was completely restored by Yitzhak Guetta.

From here the visitors can see the expanse of this unique inland sea which All photos credit: Isranet is feet below sea level. How to attract tourists from abroad?

The present Minister lod Tourism is of the opinion that special attractions must be patty, and he paety agitating for opening of a horse-race track and a gambling casino. Opinions differ as to the drawing power of these. After all, Israel has its own unique attractions. The fact that Christians outnumber Jews among the tourists should provide a clue as to where the advertising appeal should slt made. That was almost 20 years ago. And now we read that the Israel Ministry of Tourism is to give Christian tourists pilgrimage certificates regarding their visits to places like Jerusalem, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Nazareth and Bethlehem.

If properly executed this program should attract and encourage more Christian visitors. There had once been expectation of a massive program of Christian tourists. Back inthe Vatican representative in Israel predicted that by the year there would be five million Christian pilgrims. We wish all our friends a Happy Passover. We are eager to help you with all your catering decisions. For those who seek something different, we have a suggestion. If you have an adventurous spirit, devote one day, together with a companion, to go out without a plan and without a guide.

Step out of the hotel and walk down the street. Look around you at your leisure.

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