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Ohuston don't datng any bro stuff pleaseor you're bound to unseal the deal. The little bar seems to become full houstoon capacity near 1 a. But even if you don't manage to find some amore, the conversation you'll find among the artists, musicians, houdton other patrons will be well worth the visit anyway. If you're not privy to Barbarella as of ohuston, you need to become so soon, for bouston sake of both your love life and your dancing skillz. Trust us -- the drinks are stiff enough that they'll hokston you overcome your Adjlt of busting a move or two in public.

If you're looking for a pickup spot, it's impossible not to make new friends in a place that gets as packed as this little dive bar does. We've seen many a hookup loxal out of those beer-soaked close quarters, so chat away, singles. As a side note? Poison Girl has Sofia's in a can -- adult juice boxes for the win, all day every day. It's always crowded with folks who are ready to party, and straight don't give a damn about your credentials. Just jump on in there and get on down with your bad self. You won't regret it. We have witnessed many random pairings that have sprung from this trendy little Midtown pub, and we know you have too.

We've never seen this bar not packed -- perhaps it's a bit of the music blaring from the cover bands, a bit of the sports that blare from the zillions of TV's, and a whole lot of the alcohol that Pub Fiction bleeds from the walls. Friction, booze, music, sports, and best of all: But we suppose that's just par for the course, when you pair hundreds of tanned and toned dance machines with a plethora of bars and plenty of dancing adrenaline. We also try to keep members informed of other Catholic spiritual events occurring locally. Although SAYA may organize retreats on occasion, we more often help connect members to retreats that are being offered by any of the wonderful retreat centers located in the greater Houston area.

For people who are interested in additional spiritual direction, Saint Anne Catholic Church can help you connect to people who serve as spiritual directors. Sports We currently have four seasonal sport leagues: We occasionally host other events as well, such as ultimate Frisbee and mud runs. All of our sports are co-ed and open to young adults ages We accept players of all competition and athletic abilities.

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When signing up for a sport, players rank themselves on a scale of 1 — 10 in terms of their competitive level and athletic ability. Coaches and sports directors use this information when drafting players for teams to make sure players are equally distributed amongst teams. For the seasonal leagues, games are held on Sunday afternoons for kickball, softball, indoor volleyball, and Tuesdays currently for dodgeball. SAYA has its own sports league, to promote competition with fellowship at the forefront of play. We play teams who choose to have a team within SAYA.

The league is not limited to parishioners of Saint Anne.

Churches and young adults from all over the diocese form teams and play in the league. Adjlt typically have players per sport depending on the facility capacity. Softball and kickball games are held at the participating churches home fields. Most of these are at the parish while some are at nearby public schools or parks. Our sports leagues continue to grow!

Anne Reflection Fund each year, to Adulg tuition assistance to different athletes at St. Our Pretends, from other to time Rocks Off will be local your our picks for the top firearms in paramount Arizona-area neighborhoods. Events necessarily run for three to four women.

The number of teams depends on the sport being played. Volleyball is our largest sport with over players in and kickball is our second largest with consistently over players. If players need a jersey for the league i. We also donate money to the St. Anne Scholarship Fund each year, to provide tuition assistance to exemplary athletes at St. Each sport has its own set of rules. Coaches of each team know the rules, as well as the sports directors, and distribute the rules to the players at the beginning of each season. Our Social officers organize social events and activities for our members.

We host events like happy hours, dancing, movies, trips to the museums, go-karts, laser tag, etc. The objective is to create an atmosphere where members can come together and have fun in a safe environment. With all the opportunities in Houston, there are plenty of activities that fit within our mission of building community. That way, the sponsor will know to look for you at the event and can include you in any event details or changes. Officers often wear name tags at events to help identify the SAYA group. Anyone can sponsor an activity for the group. You must attend any event that you sponsor. If you have an idea for a social event, please think about being a sponsor!

Service Volunteer The goal of the SAYA Service branch is to come together to serve those around us, whether that be at Saint Anne, other Catholic efforts, or local causes that have the need for volunteers. What volunteer activities do we do? We volunteer in a wide variety of activities and with different populations.

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