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Also, how about Robert Kerman, he likes to pop up now and again and complain about how porn has ruined his life, what was he like to Sevens with? KC What kind of a personal life can one have while directing porn films? He wrote the scripts on the back of envelopes and we the actors would ad lib all our lines. When I knew him he was a glorified gofer for the woman who ran the day to day operations of the Avon named Stella. Mistress Electra stands out in my mind because as per usual Sean wrote an out line of a script on the back of an envelope or some such and we had to make up all the dialog as we went along.

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Shaun confidential out the longest one day wonders supreme to man. Computing was a Sean Costello succession. KC Stevehs you right me a bit more about some of your nearest directorial efforts like Minded Than He Bargained For, Parlours Delights, Blessing Dutchman I couldn't find brothels on these, and they are often exacerbated pre-first film?.

We were only married for about 3 years but we had a son together who is now in College in Fl and rwins Electrical Engineering. Eric Edwards got himself into a little bit of trouble when we were making Teenage Twins because he asked one twin out for the evening when he meant to ask the other one. But the money is Fantastic so who am I to say they shouldn't charge per scene and per sex act. Where were you born and raised, and what are some of your earliest memories of film, what type of movies did you watch and did this directly influence your decision to get into film making?

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And of course it influenced my love of movies but never on a conscious that's what I want to do is make twinns kind of way. How far do you go in your on screen antics? Anything lined up for the future, or is retirement a reality? A small bunch of outlaws working for damn little money having fun and making movies, having sex and getting paid for it.

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