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You also need to decide between a scissor trailer that fits between baylinr pontoons, or a bunk-style trailer that sits under the pontoons. A two-speed winch, such as this model from Fulton, will make it easier to muscle a big boat onto the trailer. Once the bolts are out and the old winch is free of the frame, your ready to start.

Replacing your boat trailer's winch is a straightforward project that can be tackled in less than an hour — providing there are no rusted bolts that must be cut away. Fulton Performance Products' Bill Heindl notes that boat-trailer winches are rated by capacity and matched to the weight of the boat. Drill the new holes or ream out the old ones to match the diameter of the bolts securing the new winch. The standard three-hole pattern that's found on the winch posts on most popular boat trailers matches with most after-market winches, and it's a simple matter of bolting the new crank in place. Most trailers' winch posts are pre-drilled to accommodate the common three-bolt pattern.

Shopping for the right winch for your job may actually take longer than switching them out. Remove the bolts securing the winch to the winch post.

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But before you can tow your new boat, you need to check out some used boat trailers to get you to the water. With the large selection of used boat trailers available on eBay, you are sure to find the right one to get you off shore in no time. The old winch showed its age and marine use and needed to be replaced before it failed. If yours isn't, you'll need to use a template provided by the winch manufacturer, or you can make your own using the new winch base as a guide. Crank the web strap onto the winch drum keeping it under tension, flat and even.

For most situations involving loading a boat onto a bunked trailer, Fulton uses a factor of 1.

Bayliner and winch trailer Escort capri

Boat trailers xnd built to various lengths, and can haul up to a certain amount of weight, so size should be your first consideration before purchase. A small speedboat fits on a foot trailer, but large boats can require at least a foot trailer. Tighten the handle's mounting bolt. Line up the mounting bolts with the holes. The tools and hardware required to replace a winch are as simple as the project is straightforward.

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