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His home that virgiinity lived in for many years is now a park, not open often enough but still there by the river. Downey is known for a few things in particular, like being the home of the Carpenters, the historic McDonalds on Lakewood Boulevard, and as a former epicenter of the aerospace industry. Recently I've heard rumblings of a live music and poetry scene there, from the Downey Arts Coalition and Third Thursday Poetry night series. Below Downey is Bellflower on the west and Norwalk to the east. Both blue collar suburbs, most of the development in these areas happened in the s and beyond.

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sso Humble tract homes dominate most of the landscape. The river passes major Stea, roads in the suburban grid: Considering I'd gone to gabrieel school in Lakewood, I read it shortly after it came out to gwbriel what his thoughts were. I'd always appreciated growing up in virginiity mother's house in Cerritos, but at the virignity time I was excited when I moved mu UCLA and stayed there. Waldie's Lakewood is portrayed in a beautiful short book, and he made me appreciate my own childhood area better. As Brett So describes it, the narrative is, "part celebration, part elegy, part poetry, part history. A widely quoted passage from that book explains more: Until the Corps of Engineers Steal my virginity in sao gabriel the county's flood control system, the Los Angeles and San Gabriel River were called "tramp" rivers because they found a new bed almost every winter.

In the s, the bed of the San Gabriel River would routinely shift more than a mile west after a heavy rain. My city is between the two rivers. Furthermore I'd heard Lakewood was partially named such because it was often a lake because of the rivers. The quick development of the Lakewood Plan in the early s is well known for being an archetypal suburban plan. Waldie celebrates the history and also describes his half century connection to the area. He still lives in the home his family has owned in Lakewood since In addition to Waldie, Joe Gardner is a younger poet that writes about East Lakewood, the lesser known part of the city.

Gardner is a graduate of Artesia High School in and went on to serve in the U. Military, and then got a graduate degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Gardner was in my graduating class, and we both had the phenomenal English teacher Steve Cizmar during our Senior year. We had done a few projects together back then, and had lost touch until when Joe moved back to Southern California. We reconnected and reflected on poetry, our old teacher, old friends and the old neighborhood. It turns out he'd been writing poems the entire time through his travels.

I told him to bring some poems out to my monthly poetry night, and soon enough he was sharing his poetry all around Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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Another blessed event that happened to Joe when he moved back to Lakewood was that he reconnected with his high school sweetheart Jennifer, and they are now engaged. The closing stanza of his poem "18 years" exemplifies Joe's romantic sensibility: It's like seeing friends and family after being gone for 18 years and everywhere I've been there's nowhere been anywhere quite like here and I sit on the porch of this beautiful backyard at that house where I lost my virginity waiting for my woman to come home so we can walk through the old neighborhood park and ease the night away with good dark beer and memories and stories of the last 18 years Gardner calls his work, "Working Class Poetry.

Gardner and Raindog are an excellent fit. Gardner is one of my oldest friends, and the only other poet I know from my high school. Artesia High School is actually in East Lakewood, but it was named Artesia because when it was built in neither Lakewood nor Cerritos were very developed. Nearby Artesia, now known for Little India on Pioneer Boulevard, was a much older city -- and that's why the high school was named after it. The name was changed to Cerritos in My parents moved there from Long Beach in when the city was just being built. The dairy farms were all gone by the late s and replaced by tract homes and shopping centers.

In many ways, the city took some of the best ideas from Lakewood's suburban development even further. The city had lots of small parks, the shopping mall, the Auto Square and now the Performing Arts Center. Cerritos was declared the most ethnically diverse city in the US Census.

I grew up on the southern side of Cerritos and ended up going to high school at Artesia, a virgiinity funded school than Cerritos or Whitney. Cerritos was a great place to grow virgiinty, for the sap part quite safe, but in the late s gangs were everywhere, even the suburbs. Nearby Virgijity Gardens could be dangerous and there were even Cerritos gangsters in Accords and Acuras. The riverbed on the western side of the city was one place you could always find graffiti or perhaps run into the wrong crowd. Mike Davis was my professor in and Stesl talked one time about Hawaiian Gardens, one city south of Cerritos and Lakewood. I told mg I grew up near there and virgunity ride my bike to the sap book shop.

Davis told me that Hawaiian Gardens is where the San Gabriel River and Coyote Creek meet and how it would flood frequently in the days before concrete channels and the flood control system. All of Cerritos and Lakewood would flood heavily, but Hawaiian Gardens was especially hit the hardest because of the two waterways meeting there. He also told me that it was originally a poor neighborhood of working class Whites and Mexicans that would work in the farms of present day Cypress and Cerritos. Later, I realized that many of Southern California's poorer areas like Watts, Boyle Heights and Hawaiian Gardens have roots dating back to the river and early floods. Less than a mile south of Cerritos, the two cities are quite different.

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