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She publicly supported the Naramada Xating Andolan. She has written articles for Hindustan Times and other publications. Her other hobbies include writing, reading, painting, pottery, horse riding and theatre. She has written several articles for the Hindustan Times and other publications as a guest writer. She is on the board of the Coca-Cola foundation that works towards development in rural India. In she adopted two cheetah cubs at the Prince of Wales zoological park in Lucknow. This aroused the ire of political activists from the Bharatiya Janata Partywho led a protest march against the actress. Along with these, Mirza has endorsed The Body Shop for their stand on a ban on animal testing and propagation of recycled packaging and natural products.

Mirza has been felicitated at iDa functions for her active involvement in social and environmental issues. As an ambassador, the actress would interact with school and college students from across the country through awareness sessions, community cleaning activities and motivational videos. As an ambassador, she will use the reach of her celebrity status to champion the rights of children in India and around the world. She has lent her support to WTI's wildlife conservation endeavors for several years now and is a founder-member of the organization's Club Nature initiative.

Mirza dating Dia

She is committed to protect, secure and strengthen the rich treasures that nature provides us all! Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. I swap between Datinb and Punjabi cooking. But datinv Hyderabadi, so a lot of biryani, nihari, khatti daal, kheema… the works! And where do you socialise? We spend so much of the day around each other that we make it a point not to discuss work. Usually, we like spending time with friends over a good meal at restaurants or house parties or geting animated over games like Taboo, Pictionary or Articulate. Are you a love at first sight person?

There can only be lust at first sight. Would you go for love over lust? You need to lust after your partner because love can only take you that far. Lust is important too. What have you learnt so far with relationships? Who is an A-lister?

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Those are not my aspirations. It reflects in my choices. But today debutantes are aware of every move they make… They come with clarity and ambition. Look at Deepika Padukone.

Has tapping given you the much-awaited push? I did Paanch Adhyay for two reasons. Secondly, the script was so evolved. Bengali cinema is perceived as intellectual cinema. It feels nice to see my first stint in regional cinema win critical acclaim. What kind of a revelation was it turning producer? A script session is like a baby being born. And then imagine taking it till the end. We want our movies to be a reflection of what we believe or have learnt so far. Being a producer is taking charge of the entire process.

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