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These RS cars certainly looked the part, but were actually powered by the same 2. A total of 2, Australian RS cars were made. While offered in many model forms, the Escort, like the Cortinawas not popular on the Australian market, largely due to expanding competition from Japanese imports and the established preference of Australian drivers for larger six-cylinder vehicles. Unlike the Australian models, the New Zealand Escort range followed the specifications of the British models, aside from the use of metric instrumentation.

All secort were assembled, including the estate — previously in Mk I guise a built-up import from the United Kingdom. A large choice of models were available in the NZ Escort range, consisting of 1. A three-speed automatic transmission was available as an option for most 1. Unlike Australia, the Escort and Cortina ranges sold well and often topped the car monthly sales lists.

Escort lx Ford

An update was Forf for the range forwhich notably involved the addition of the Ghia model, the adoption Fogd the GL's square headlights on the lower end models, Ford blue oval badging, and sport wheels on Fird L and GL. Forall Ghia models gained standard alloy wheels. The production of British-sourced and New Zealand-assembled Escorts ended in late Ford dealers offered large price reductions to shift their remaining Mk II Escort stock when the model was replaced in New Zealand by the Ford Laser in Maywhich was a badge engineered Mazdaavailable in sedan and hatchback forms. In March a HO High Output version of the engine was added, originally only in the EXP and with an automatic transmission, but soon thereafter available with a manual and also in the sporting Escort GT.

In addition to the HO engine, the GT featured cosmetic changes such as "GT" emblems and stripes, while under the shell there were uprated brakes and a close-ratio four-speed gearbox. The interior received a new dashboard, and a new rubber shift boot for manual models; automatic models received a new gear selector lever with a straight line for gear selection instead of the twisting "? Flush headlamps, revised taillamps and restyled steel wheels appeared when the Escort was revised and introduced as the There was also the Ford EXPand sister version Mercury LN7, targeting the sports car market, essentially a two-seat hatch with lower roofline which was not as successful as other body styles.

Although the basic silhouette was the same, it was almost completely different from the European version, apart from the Ford CVH engine.

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