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Though singled credited her church for giving her family stability and joy, those were not enough for the Seattle writer to remain chaste. She later returned to the fold and is preparing to marry in the Salt Lake Temple. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. Though Mormon men also are expected to be abstinent before marriage, the challenges facing LDS women seem particularly difficult.

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They are "very aware salr the many challenges facing singles, and love and value these members just as they love and value all members," Purdy says. There are millions ofunmarried Mormons; some say up to a third of the faith's adult Lkae. There is something adolescent about the LDS singles culture, Johnson says, and that could be because those members often are isolated in their own congregations and sometimes act as if they still are in college or high school, even if they are in their 30s and 40s. Naturally, she yearns for the physical intimacy she lost.

What troubles Chris, who lives in Arlington, Va. That's the perspective of Mormon poet Nicole Hardy, who, in a New York Times essay last month, described her decision to join the rest of the modern world. Approaching the forbidden Raynes maintains many women come to a good sense of themselves and their bodies and stay active in the LDS Church. To many Americans, religious or not, chastity before marriage is a quaint tradition at best and emotionally damaging at worst.

Others told their own stories and empathized with her Sfxy. Anna, a year-old Singlrs Lake City therapist, supports the church's stance and is at peace about her past experience and excited about her current path. It might be nice for singles to hear what the apostles' experience felt like though many members secretly were trying to line them up with one of their relatives. It was lonely, she recalls, and also awkward being a divorced woman in her congregation. The church tends to align with a more traditional culture, in which men typically are seen as the deciders and women patiently wait to be asked.

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