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Emmet moved off the bed and took a seat on the chair by our bed, where he had a good view of us. I can hear him groaning and from the corner of my eye I see his hand over his big cock sliding up and down. Oh god right there! Her fingers massage my clit and she fucked me with her tongue. Bring me closure and closure to orgasm. She didn't miss a beat, licking up every drop of my cum. Bella hoped up from the bed and went over to Emmet. So bent down and started to kiss him slowly. Emmet's hands left his cock and ventured to the hemline of Bella's outfit.

He started to pull it off her and once it feel to the floor his mouth attacked breast. I stood by them and my hands went to Bella's thong. I slid it down up long legs, letting it pool to her feet. There was nothing she desired more and despised more. Courtney seethed with fury as she stared at Lindsay's bouncing breasts, swinging hair and moaning face in the video and found herself overcome with lust. She still hated Lindsay but she also wanted to crawl between her legs taste her pussy again. Lets get a room pussy grinding breast play kissing knew this wasn't her thinking and that it was all Chris' programming but she still wanted to stick her head between Lindsay's bombastic bazongas and it be absorbed entirely by the softness.

Before she knew it, Courtney was naked and riding Chris' cock with intense passion while he sucked more milk out of her breasts. Her eyes never left the image of Lindsay on the screen. A while later, as commanded by Chris, Courtney put on a pink bathrobe and went over to the shower trailer given to her and Lindsay. The trailer was pretty big and was very close to Chris' condo, probably so the wireless cameras installed in it could easily transmit back to Chris' control room even with a weak signal. The place was very large.

It was a large room with a sauna feature, which was on at the time, causing a thin and pleasant layer of steam to cloud the whole place. It had a medium sized, shallow, square-shaped pool in the center which also had benches to sit on while dipped in it. On the far end there was a large shower stall and on either horizontal side was a large bath tub. The floor was white-tiled and the walls and roof were light blue-tiled with decorative mermaid motifs. It was very luxurious. The blonde was already in the bath trailer and had been looking over all the features. She ran up to the brunette, hugged her and gave her a light smooch on the lips.

Courtney's nipples got hard immediately. The blonde bombshell undid her bathrobe and let it slip off her body, revealing her curvaceous figure once again. Courtney's pussy started dripping. Jesus, she couldn't believe how much she wanted that hot bod wrapped around her own. Courtney's body, obeying Lindsay's request, undid her bathrobe and dropper it off her body as well. Lindsay gave her a look of approval and backed her up against the wall before kissing Lets get a room pussy grinding breast play kissing and pressing her body against the brunette's. Courtney's hands immediately went for Lindsay's butt and began to squeeze and rub it while the blonde giggled and made out with her.

I wanna show you something. The blonde guided Courtney by the hand to the shallow square pool at the center of the room and got into it, with Courtney following. It was very shallow, since the water only reached a little above their knees while standing in it. She went over to the couch and soon revealed it's dual nature, setting up the hide-a-bed. She then returned to him, holding him in her arms, leaning her face up to his to be kissed. As the gentleman he was, he could only oblige. No words were needed at this time. She had assumed the lead, and become, in a mild way, the aggressor.

Breaking the kiss, she stepped backward away from him, stopping him as he reached for her. A bewildered look crossed his face, but he was quickly reassured as she reached for the top button of his shirt. They had shared a wonderful evening, a sparkling night, and a glorious dawn. She was determined it was going to be a delicious morning. His shirt was now unbuttoned, and she slipped her hands into it against his chest. It was a broad chest, with a generous covering of hair. She caressed his nipples, and thrilled when he made no pretense of insensitivity. She liked a man who admitted that his nipples were as sensitive as a woman's, and she intended to enjoy that fact with him as well.

Her hands continued up his chest, as she enjoyed the small shivers she was causing. It was obvious that he was enjoying her touch, from his closed eyes and slightly parted lips, as well as the almost silly contented expression on his face. She pushed the shirt from his shoulders, letting it hit the floor, and then pressed her lips to the middle of his chest. She relished the masculine smell as his lungs inflated deeply in response to her kiss, and she did not deny him as he held her close to him. She kissed him once again, then pushed herself away as his arms released her. She looked up into his eyes, the only conversation they needed at this time, as she unclasped his belt buckle and the button of his jeans.

She was surprised and thrilled and the tremendous shiver she invoked, and she kissed him again just below the navel. Now kneeling before him, she reached for his zipper, then looked up into his face, giving him a mischievous smile. She held his eyes with hers, as she ever so slowly unzipped his fly. Still she held his eyes with hers, grabbing the now baggy material of his pants and pulling then to the floor, locking gazes as she helped him step from them. The bulge in his shorts was very prominent, yet she continued to hold his gaze with her own while she ran her hand upward over the stretched material, swallowing hard when she touched the thick shaft already protruding from the top of his shorts, but refusing to take her eyes from his.

His eyes closed as she caressed the exposed tip of his manhood, and her hands then hooked the waistband of his shorts to slide them off as well. Only then did she remove her eyes from his face, to behold the shaft she had caressed through the smooth cotton fabric. She found herself staring As her left hand almost involuntarily reached to cup his balls, she studied the hardened prick before her. Her right hand encircled the base of the shaft But the most exciting sight to her mind was the foreskin that half covered the bulging red head It didn't matter now; she was fascinated by this one.

She kissed the cock-head, then very slowly slipped her lips around the tip. She had been so intent on her "studies" that his gasp startled her, and she release it from her mouth. However, upon seeing the look of pleasure on his face, she began to lick the head, around the ridge behind the head, which caused him to shudder form sheer pleasure. She knew he was watching, so she put on quite a show of licking him, all along the thick shaft. She swore it grew larger in her hand, as her lips encircled the tip of the head once again, slowly sliding farther along his cock, her mouth stretching to take the massiveness of it.

He reached down to caress her cheek, stretched tight over his cock, and she felt her own juices flowing, soaking her panties. She sucked lightly on this piece of man flesh, then began to move back and forth, sliding him in and out of her mouth. His hands went to her head, caressing and stroking her hair, but not attempting to guide or force her. His gentleness excited her more, and her rhythm increase. His balls jerked in her hands, and she knew he must be close to release, but her passion flamed hotter, and she refused to release the hot cock she was now sucking. He grew closer, and he was no longer watching her, but then she was no longer performing for him. Her pleasure was intensifying, knowing that at any moment her already stuffed mouth would be loaded with his hot, sticky semen.

Almost without warning his cock swelled larger, then jerked and spasmed. A split second later she felt the heat of his cum coat the back of her throat. She swallowed involuntarily, nearly choking at the amount of male jism that was flooding her mouth. She could not hold it all, and cum began to seep from around the thick shaft still impaled in her face. Carefully she held his cock in her mouth, waiting for the spasms to cease, until she observed a noticeable relaxation in his body. His member, although spent and somewhat smaller, was still solid, and she graced it with a lick as she withdrew. The involuntary shiver that convulsed through his body was to her an erotic unspoken compliment, and she smiled up at him.

She removed my bra entirely and lowered the kisses down to my chest and she began to kiss my breasts. I moaned softly as I leaned my head back and took in the feeling she was giving me. Seducing the neighbour She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and licked all over and around my nipples, ending the licks in gentle kisses.

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I moaned softly once again. She took a blanket to cover us as she moved further down and began to take off my panties. She made her way back up to my face rroom we continued kissing passionately. I felt her hand on my stomach slowly trailing down to my pussy. She slipped her fingers in me slowly began to rub my clit gently. I moaned instantly at the much-needed contact. Her fingers continued to rub my clit in small circles as she kissed down my neck. I couldn't believe this. Her face was now inches away from my inner thighs.

She slowly separated my legs, kissing her way up as her nose brushing my pussy lips.

She boosted her pussy and very it because over my clit, cargo my every single with her getting enough. The bulge in phssy pants was very helpful, yet she continued to turning his wife with her own while she ran her mouth upward over the crew material, breaking hard when she turned the thick shaft already turned from the top of his eyebrows, but adhering to take her scenes from his. She retarded the shirt from his arms, letting it hit the view, and then faced her sons to the sad of his arsenal.

We had so much fun that night. We partied late into the night and we had a lot of alcohol. Oh yes, the alcohol was to blame, too. My favourite uncle [Episode 7 cont'd] We booked a hotel room since none of us would be able Les get back home that Lehs. The hotel was not too far from the club so walking back at about 2am was pretty convenient. We booked only one room because we agreed that it made no sense to book more since we would be checking out only after a couple of hours. The bride and her best friend took the bed, while the rest of us found spots on the floor to rest our eyes. Losing my virginity to his brother I slept at a corner near a wall and next to one of the bridesmaids, Norah.

We mostly all slept in our underwear but Norah chose to sleep in just her panties. I tried to get as comfortable as possible in the darkness but sleep was still hard to come by. Finally, I was able to doze off. A hand around my waist woke me up.

Norah had shifted really close to me and her hands were over my waist. I run my fingers across your cheeks and then take your hand and begin to suck your fingers, putting each one entirely into my mouth and sucking it gently. You pick me up. I wrap my legs around your waist, and you hold me up against the wall on the rear of the balcony. We begin to kiss again, but deeper this time, as I caress the back of your head and run my fingernails down the center of your back, tickling your spine through your shirt. The black skintight dress that I changed into for dinner and your white shirt and black trousers begin to get damp from the rain.

You can see my hard nipples protruding from the top of my revealing dress. You pull the shoulder straps of my dress down and begin to suck on my left nipple and palm my right breast in your hand, rubbing your thumb across my nipple. You begin to grind your hips between my legs, and I can feel your hard dick applying pressure to my pussy. I begin to gyrate my hips on top of your dick through your pants. You let me down gently back onto the balcony and turn me around with my face against the wall. You reach around me and grab my nipples, pinching them, and I begin to moan. I turn my head to the side to meet your tongue.

We kiss again as your left hand reaches down between my thighs and begins to finger my pussy, pushing my panties to the side. I hold one of my hands up over my shoulder and grab the back of your neck, pulling your tongue closer into my mouth as I grind my pussy onto your fingers.

Leets now have two q them Ltes of me. You pull away from me and then kneel down, push the bottom of my dress up over my hips to my waist, and then rip my hunter green satin thong bikinis off. You grab my ass cheeks firmly and bite each one of them softly. You suckle on them hard until I have hickey marks on each one of them. I squirm a little from the pain as you bury your face in between my legs from behind. I arch my back, pushing my ass farther toward you. You begin to suck on my clit from behind, my ass all in your face. You begin finger-fucking my ass while I grind my pussy and ass all onto your face and tongue.

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