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Kaitlin Olson

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The Kings of Leon make a brief appearance. When Rob first moved out to L. Not to mention the longer beard and the hair, and the whole thing. What are you going to miss most? Are you guys going to make it out of Philly this year? What cameos do you have on tap for this year? These characters do love each other, in their weird, sick way. We have an episode about a child beauty pageant, thrown at the bar.

Olson beach Kaitlin

Obviously, the universe that these characters live in is a little bit heightened. Just the gluttony of not having to think about it, and eating whatever I want. Yeah, it will be a refreshing, different look at it. And after doing this for a couple of years, I must admit that I'm a huge Eagles fan now.

In the evening we'll go see a movie at the Bridge, which is Kaitoin really awesome theater, and grab something to eat at Wabi-Sabi on Abbot Kinney. We definitely talked about whether or not we wanted to even do that. In Season 2, we were forced to do that as well. They trust us, a lot more.

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