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Destiny 2 Has A Worrying Trend Appearing In Crucible And Trials Of The Nine(PvP)

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The mode itself isn't a bad one — it definitely focuses on teamwork and communication, but it's still as simple as put bullets in the bad guys.

There aren't any tricks to the game. It's simply a game of skill. And that's the problem. Trials of Osiris is a game of skill in which there is no skill-based matchmaking. This isn't unusual for Destiny, as none of the PvP games' matchmaking is based on skill, but it's much, much more noticeable in Trials because of the much higher stakes. There are no respawns in Trials; if you go down, your team has to revive you, and that leaves them vulnerable. That was the closest the matchmaking system would give them in a 5-hour period of playing Trials of the Nine.

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Osiris Skill based matchmaking trials of

That is definitely appreciated. Tldr version is included at the bottom. I do understand your point, but the main one that I am attempting to get across is that there is no longer a need to reroll a chararter to prove this to yourself. The app now records a substat labeled as 'Recent KD Ratio'. It only gathers the KD of your most recent games and it disregards the series of your older matches. For example, my lady's KD was in my opinion absolutely terrible for someone with her talents when she first played. It lingered around 1. This is where I get to the point.

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