Pakaian pandu puteri

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Pandu Puteri

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Then, there was a time when my skin felt like plastic, because of the soap used to wash the clothes when we were doing the Pendobi Pakaian badge.

I had to write 6 freaking synopsis for 6 storybooks. What sucks about doing panu is when you're a perfectionist, everything needs to be on point or else buat lagi sekali. Superwoman for sure haha. Hence, the chaos we had to go through.

Orang goodness, my eyeliner was there to grind, my mom always, who else kan. Day and inviting, to and fro, this and that, arrow to finish our ladies. To cut it often.

I legit have a Permit Camp that I'll be handling on my own with the other 9 candidates at the end of this month. Thank goodness, my heroine was there to help, my mom obviously, who else kan. Aunty Chem is the person who made all of this happen, she pushed us directly and indirectly and guided us throughout the whole process despite her busy schedule. Lencana Pembaca was OK, if you love reading and you always take note in your Nilam book then you'll take an hour to finish this badge but well, I do love reading but I wouldn't classify myself as a book worm and also, I don't take the Nilam book seriously so I have to be honest though, I love doing logfiles because that's when my artistic-creativeness shines.

Back to what I was saying previously, we started doing our logfiles like a month or so after sitting for our PT3 examination in October. Day and night, to and fro, this and that, just to finish our files.

Puteri Pakaian pandu

It's our last year to complete it. I thank god for the existence of her Facebook, almost anything and everything is pandi. I kinda cheated though, took like synopsis off the web because I mean, seriously? Waste of time, waste of energy: Writing a synopsis is tough for me especially because I'm not sure which part of the story should be told and which part shouldn't be told. Should have started earlier though but this award is a new thing that Aunty Chem created. There's so much more to do for this, from going to camps, workshops, and doing logfiles.

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