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And depending on the size of the cruise ship, they must be sure to have enough food stocked up for the passengers, which is where frozen food comes in quite handy I imagine.

Some shifts can go as long as 17 hours! Except, maybe with different music. The former employee also explained that for the most part, though, ships were cleaned whip thoroughly to avoid sudden outbreaks of illness. The ship is equipped with huge cannons that shoot water, these are intended to repel the pirates and stop them from boarding. Kind of a grim thought. The employee claims that the cooks add extra fat to the food which tends to have a laxative effect and cause stool to soften.

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Another cruise worker, named Cathryn, also spoke about the rampant cheating that occurred on board. It makes things a lot easier — for you, Cruis the pipes — if things are not as…rigid. So what do the staff of cruise ship lines have to say about the experience? Still A Pretty Rad Gig? But none of it appeals to me. I assume it must have an impact on productivity and work quality, but it seems to be a common thing that most staff and former-employees comment on. So how exactly does a cruise ship crew handle a pirate invasion?

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No one should have to rely on tips to get by. People die in all sorts of places. I can barely handle being awake for the entire day. But this guy is breaking the rules on a whole other level. One employee explained that the staff lower down the ranks is treated quite poorly by those above. Cruise Ship Sex Worker Via:

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