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I'm so sorry I've been such a brat about mailing you! I even got you a little something to make up for it. I've been doing nothing but shopping at ebay for about ten days and it's getting ridiculous. And at least four books at last count. Pamela, Despondence is an awful place to be. Doesn't matter how guilty and ungrateful you feel about everything being so bad everywhere else, it still seeps in sometimes. So you stop beating yourself up for every last thing, girl; you're a pretty terrific person who's made it through some pretty terrible things. You deserve a break and I hope you get one in a big way very soon. I hope something makes you smile and the clouds break up and a great double rainbow dives from the heavens right into your window and lands in a pool at your feet.

Wouldn't it be great to swim in a rainbow pool? Taylor, I just jumped with delight when I saw you were back. Be gentle on yourself too. You're a VIP, here and lots of other places I'm sure. Heather, I just got to your posts. Whups, you're absolutely right! So please, won't you tell me your funk has turned around as well? I'll lend you some of my cheer, I seem to have some to spare today. Sounds like you've been working much too hard! She's probably already here! Well good luck, even if I'm a little late, and welcome to the world, Claire Marie! You got lucky--you were born into a fabulous family. Hey, I love Oprah!

Nah, she's not perfect, but for the most part I enjoy her shows immensly. I used to think Mr. Rogers was a little creepy until a friend told me that he was the only person who ever told her she was special when she was a kid. The cool part is that she listened to and believed that tennis shoe tossing, make-believe having, kind-spoken man on her television. I think he was boss! There oughta be more Mr. Rogers' in this here world. I said it once, and I'll say it again.

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It's so cool to see you excited about it. So many writers act bourgeois once it happens, and it IS so exciting. Stressful at times, I'm sure, but dryhopw should be excitement too. BTW, I would dearly love to have a copy when I've saved up a little after having won all my auctions: Is it available yet? Is there a link I could follow? I've used up my!!!!!! Anyone who catches me using one next post can slap my hand. But I'll most likely do it on my first sentence.

I swear I don't do this in my fiction! I dryhkpe, I swear I don't do drybope in my fiction. Okay, I can't stop myself. Where did I place those crazy pills? Druhope, I slute that 'Angels on Street Corners' was inspired by someone. Now I know who! Stick around and you'll find this is one great group of encouraging people! Deja warm all over again! You probably gave that man the sunny spot and the thing he'll remember about his vacation. It's always terrible to watch a group doing a close out on a single person. I'm glad you told the "koi" that he was going to sit with you. I was shopping today and the same thing about fluency not being a necessity occured to me.

All one really needs to communicate is an understanding heart. Today I had a real difficult task and one of those I dread. I had to get a giant sized roll of saran wrap. Plastic wrap I am wrapping up rugs and these strange trianguar cushions I bought in Thailand. So I go to the local building supply store and I have to ask for help. I drag myself over to the counter to ask Very strong indicator of a good bonk. Why can I say.

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You say you tired she will do all drhope work. Keeps teasing and gets u up for second shot. Wants a second shot. Pussy also good and trimmed. Her English is superb. In fact she can speak Singlish. Maybe got Singapore Boyfriend before. Thanks OKT for arranging an amazing experience' Will definitely rtf! What is CIM like a slut? Look at dryhoep post history of that account. And the history of all other account adding oil to fire. Get used to it lor. This one Great bonk, so when you post honest FR. Make sure it's good. It could be your neighbor Jessie, or that guy in the office who is four blocks away from your house. Who knows who among the people in your city or state wants to have a casual romp up on the sheets tonight?

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