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Cherice Moralez — raped by her 49 year-old teacher when she was just 14 — was slute "older than her chronological age" by the judge in the trial — a more oack way of saying she had it coming. Broader efforts to "reclaim" the word — via marches like SlutWalksfor instance — have largely failed. Share via Email Being called promiscuous is sometimes just a way to excuse the behavior of others. Sara Brown from Boston told me she was first called it at a pool party in the fifth grade because she was wearing a bikini. It seems the the only hard and fast rule is that you have to be a woman.

The "slut" idea hurts women politically as well. And because it's meant to be more of an identity than a label, it's a term not easily shaken skuts. The 'slut' is not necessarily sexually active slhts she just doesn't follow the gender script. A safe contraceptive and a cancer vaccine were both held up for years because of fears they would make women "slutty", and anti-choice legislators and activists insist that that abortion providers are in the "business" of promiscuity — and use that accusation as a way to defund critical health care providers like Planned Parenthood. So what makes you a slut? It's any of us, and all of us — especially those of us who step out of line in some way real or imaginary.

And in that way, the real meaning of "slut" is terrifyingly clear. Women's value and morality are closely — though wrongly — tied to their sexuality.

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Conservative columnists sljts that women having sex is tantamount to a "mental health crisis" slut, and magazine stories wonder if we're raising a generation of "prosti-tots". Society is so concerned over women and girls' potential for promiscuity that we create dress codesschool curriculaeven legislation around protecting women's supposed purity. Multiple girls have taken their own lives of late after being "slut-shamed" — an indication that the slur shows little sign of waning in the damage it does personally. So, what's a "slut", then?

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