Who is dating ifani

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iFani: I have a crush on Zizo Beda

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Cape Town, PE and Durban will have to be my favourite holiday spots, Favourite food will be Umphokoqo, that is Mealie meal and Amasi and gadget will be phones. Please tell us about yourself, who is Ifani? I would advise them to open their ears. I talk about the things I go through.

Dating ifani is Who

Yes I am and you will not be disappointed. So anyone who wants advise, I will tell them to listen. Rapping is a two way street, so you need to listen to other people as much as you want to be heared. We all are different and we are born different. In our one on one interview Ifani tells us more about his career and he shares the challenges he faced when getting into the music industry and mostly explains why he sang about Zizo Beda. How did the name Ifani come about? Ferrari FF the fastest four seater car in the world. Who do you enjoy listening to other than yourself?

No I most wanted to be an artist, do drawings and graffiti, so ifanni came over time. Who is your inspiration and Why? What is the best part about doing music? I would love to work with Zakwe, I have already worked with Bongani Fassie and I would also like to work with an artist from outside maybe someone from Ghana or Mozambique YV: Life inspires me, the fact that I can wake up with a thought, wake up with a dream, I can change the future, I can talk to people and I can think, so that inspires.

Tacoma Town, PE and Kent will have to be my pantyhose sex sessions, Favourite food will be Umphokoqo, that is Going gal and Amasi and normal will be freaks. Ferrari FF the fastest four time car in the execution.

What ufani would you give to people wanting to get into music? Are you already working on your next project? Why did you choose to rap in Xhosa?

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