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If your choice moves quickly and women all of the elements done while your area is still using, you'll be able to common sun piercings certificate. The meaj caps on the current post appropriately measure 5mm in downtown for the definition and 8mm in private for the doorstep. Although derek bananabells are looking from full movies, such as useful bead rings CBRswhich can also be treated in navel therapists, internet body jewelry means and women tend to speak to these lathes as belly button "speeds".

There has been a special standard established for navel barbells also called "bananabells" or "bananabars", a reference to their curved shape.

Belly button does a piercing mean What

The Piecing barbell is 1. The silver caps meann the barbell post usually bbutton 5mm in diameter for the upper and 8mm in diameter for Whwt lower. Although navel bananabells are different Wat full rings, such as Wnat bead rings CBRswhich piegcing also be worn in navel piercings, butfon body jewelry retailers and wholesalers tend to refer to these barbells as belly button "rings". A new version of navel jewelry is on the buton for those buton pierced navels, which is based pieercing the idea of clip-on earrings. Risks[ edit ] Although navel piercings are fashion symbols and may make the navel and midriff look more sexually attractive, they carry the many risks of body piercingnotably: A new piercing may take up to 6—9 months before it can be taken out, during which time sweat and bacteria bekly cause infection.

Belpy infections can result in cysts. Skin tissue rarely heals to match the surrounding tissue. It heals beply varying thickness, in different ways for different types of people, and forms different types of scarring for different kinds of 'damage'. It is likely that maen piercing worn for a significant time months to years will leave a scar if removed. Rejection is when the body senses a foreign objects a begins to push it out of the system. This can happen even if the wearer takes very good care of the navel piercing. There is no way to stop rejection seeing as it is just the body not knowing what the object is and wanting to heal the location better.

If rejection occurs please remove the jewelry as soon as possible to minimize the scarring. Migration can happen when there is too much movement for the piercing to heal comfortably around the navel area. The skin will push the barbell out a few millimetres, again, breaking the skin tissue in order to find a more comfortable place to allow the piercing to heal. Typically you'll find that belly button piercings cost less in rural areas and more in cities, due to the varying costs of running a shop in these contrasting settings.

If you find a highly-recommended piercing artist, it'll be worth it to have him or her do your belly piercing even if it costs a little more. What's the proper placement of a belly button piercing? The end result should be that the bottom ball of your belly button ring nestles right over top of your belly button. If you have an "outie" belly button, it may affect the placement of your belly piercing somewhat, but not dramatically. The bottom ball of your belly ring should still rest over top of your belly button when the piercing is done. If your piercer tries to place your belly button piercing so high that the bottom ball is actually above your belly button, they're doing it wrong.

This isn't a common issue for those going to professional piercers, but it does occasionally happen. Don't leave with an awkwardly-placed piercing! If you're getting a bottom belly button piercing or another configuration, like a 4-point belly button piercing or a double pierced belly button, the placement will be different than with a standard belly button piercing. Can I get a double pierced belly button in one session? If you want to have both your upper and lower belly button pierced, the top and the two sides, or some other configuration, you can technically get a quadruple, triple or double pierced belly button in one session--if you can tolerate it.

If your piercer moves quickly and gets all of the piercings done while your adrenaline is still kicking, you'll be able to handle multiple piercings better. You may also want to ask to have a topical anesthetic applied to your belly button area ahead of time if you're getting multiple piercings in one sitting. Even though you can get a double pierced belly button in one session, it may be best to have one piercing done, see how it heals, and then consider adding to your collection later. If your body decides to reject the piercing, it'd be better to lose just one piercing. Otherwise you might end up with nasty scars in multiple locations around your belly button.

What kind of belly piercing should I ask for if I want to be able to wear reverse belly button rings in my piercing?

Reverse belly button rings are intended for standard belly piercings. The only difference between a regular belly button ring and a reverse belly button ring is the placement of the decorative end. With standard belly button rings, the decorative end What does a belly button piercing mean over top of the belly button. With reverse belly button rings, the decorative end is above your belly button, and there's a simple end like a small ball that sits in the belly button cavity. You can wear reverse belly button rings in lower belly button piercings, too. That would keep the decorative end over top of your belly button cavity, whereas a standard belly button ring placed in a lower belly button piercing would sit with the decorative end hanging below your belly button.

What's the best type of starter belly button ring? There are a number of different styles of jewelry you can wear in a navel piercing, including traditional bent barbells banana barbellscaptive bead ringsseamless ringssegment ringsclickers typically labeled as daith rings or septum rings, but you can wear them in a wide variety of piercings, including belly button piercingscircular barbellsand What does a belly button piercing mean. Most of those options are better suited for use in a well-healed belly button piercing. Bent barbells are the ideal style to wear as a starter belly button ring. In terms of material, titanium and surgical stainless steel are the best choices for a starter belly button ring.

Titanium is the most inert metal and the least likely to trigger an allergic reaction, so if you have sensitive skin, this is the best choice for you. PTFE or BioFlex is another good alternative for those with sensitive skin, since it's a hypoallergenic material. If you play any contact sports, like field hockey or football, you should absolutely opt for a PTFE starter belly button ring. It's a softer, more flexible material that's less likely to stab into you if anything or anyone makes contact with your healing piercing.

You may want to ask your coach if it's okay to have a belly button piercing at all before you go to the trouble of getting pierced, though. Some coaches won't allow it, but it may help your case if you tell your coach that you have flexible PTFE as a jewelry option. How should I clean my belly button piercing? Good belly button piercing aftercare is a critical component in the success of a belly piercing. It's important to do full sea salt solution soaks 2 times per day for the first couple weeks after having your belly button pierced, and you should spritz it with a saline solution like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray up to 6 times a day, in between full soaks.

Spritzing your piercing with a piercing aftercare spray will keep the fistula hole where you were pierced flushed of debris and keep the skin around your piercing hydrated. For the full soaks, you can either apply a store-bought solution like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray or a homemade sea salt solution. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and moisturizer, but it can't be applied directly to a piercing; it has to be delivered in a carrier oil or a solution like your homemade sea salt solution. You could also add it to store-bought saline solution, if desired. Fill a small container like a shot glass or our 3 oz.

Lean forward and butt the lip of the glass up against your belly, so the cup is surrounding your belly button. Holding the cup tight to your skin, sit upright. Let your belly button piercing soak in the solution for 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can use a clean tissue or cotton pad to gently wipe away any "crusties" that have been softened up by the solution. Crusties are just dried lymph, which is a clear excretion common with new piercings and other healing wounds. It dries to a whitish crust that's harmless. Avoid washing your piercing with soap for the first couple months.

Soap can dry out your skin and cause it to crack, which will make you more susceptible to infection. Sea salt solution is the best thing to use to keep your piercing clean while it's healing, which can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for most people. Some people need almost a year before their belly button piercings are fully healed, so don't be surprised if yours takes longer than the average month belly button piercing healing time. Is belly button piercing rejection a common problem that I need to be worried about? Belly button piercings should be in the 14g to 12g size range, ideally.

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Never let a piercer insert jewelry size 16g or smaller; finer-gauge jewelry is much more prone to migration and rejection. Since belly button piercings are technically piercin piercings, and since surface piercings are more prone to rejection than piercings buttton go in one side of your flesh and out the other think earlobe and lip piercingsthe depth of your piercing is extremely important to its longevity. Your piercer should pinch a good amount of flesh before piercing your belly button. If the needle barely skims the surface of your skin, you won't have your navel piercing long-term. Let your piercer know you're okay with him or her going as deeply as can be done comfortably to get a belly button piercing that will last.

A professional piercer will know to keep these factors in mind when piercing you, which is why it's best to go to a professional piercing shop to have your belly button pierced. Once the piercing's done, it's up to you to care for your new belly piercing properly to ensure that it heals well. You should do sea salt solution soaks by holding a small cup of solution over your piercing for 5 minute intervals times a day for the first few weeks.

Mexn 3 times per day if your piercing is especially irritated or you suspect you're developing an infection; otherwise twice daily is sufficient. I think my belly button piercing is infected. What should I do? Because of the location of a belly piercing--right in the middle of your body, where you bend at the waist--it's natural for belly button piercings to get irritated during the healing process.

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