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Becsi Szelet (Guest house), Miercurea-Ciuc (Romania) deals

It is probably a Comprehensive from the world public. It's with a refugee, how we instantly to name it. It is a messy house to drive and also meet the women and hookups currently.

It is a perfect house to rest and also visit the places and cities nearby.

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The caretaker Ilus and her son Zalan were very helpful and nice. The neighbors Denes bacsi and his wife were also extremely friendly and helpful, they checked our mushrooms what wamts collected in the forest. Our usual visitor was the neighbors dog, Maci who was "as friendly as the owner Denes" and was a perfect watchdog. The only disappointment was that some of the furnishing and facilities in the house needs to be fixed because they can ruin the whole picture of this place. I would recommend the place and also would like to come back sometime. This is an automated posting. If you like the nature, comfortability, nice people, you have to go there definitely! The surrounding nature and friendly locals makes this place a must go to place.

There is horseback riding possibility close by.

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I recommend Michaels place for anyone who would like to have a relaxing and comfortable time. It seems to be at the very end of the world but in fact you can get everything you need in Izvoare which is in the walking distance KatarzynaT Thank you Michael and Helen for sharing this piece of paradise and for being available and caring the whole time. I definitely recomend it!! And I really hope we can come back.

If you want to leave the world behind for a little and have a good time, then you should visit here. An incredible house in the forest. The house is very cool and you have everything you need. It has its special charm and musicality, since nature unfolds her music every day and this place allows you to reconnect with the essence of life. It's like a refugee, how we like to name it. It's 10 km away from the nearest city, Piatra Neamt, an old medieval quiet mountain city. The mountain covers km2 form the 7. Ceahlau has many bizarre and interesting rock formations like Dochia, Cusma Ciobanului, Panaghia, chapped over thousands of years by the actions of external factors like winds and precipitations.

You also find a great biodiversity, including over species of flowers and 90 species of birds and animals protected by law, the amazing Monument of Nature Duruitoarea Waterfall 25mthe Scientific Area Ocolasul Mare, the Natural Botany Reservation Polita cu Crini. Most of the trails are accessible all year round and are easy hikes. Ceahlau is also considered the second holy mountain after Athos due to its religious settlements and is the only mountain in Romania that has assigned a religious holly day.

The interior of fkr house has 5 spacious bedrooms, some with private cuuc, some with 3 common shared bathrooms, on each floor; a linving room, a kitchen, an interior common terrace and some exterior terraces. All rooms have direct acces to the kitchen and this room has a private bathroom with shower tub. The surroundings of the house are amazing with the help of the swans that seem to Find this place quiet enough for their transit or their stay, cause you can notice some different species on the waters around.

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