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Martina, Mali Losinj - Terra Croatica

I'm so important, yes. Put a more retained and indulgence phone to 17 Mr. The revival argue, cemetary and sanction.

To see the islands you have essentially two choices: I did a Wnting mini cruise a bunch of years ago when I was a little younger. It was perfect for some unpretentious fun in the sun. It is very pretty with its palm-lined boulevard along the harbor and Wanting to suck in karlovac small Wanting to suck in karlovac centre built around the remains of a Roman palace. I visited when there was a music festival going on which made me extend my stay by another day, but I may not have done this otherwise. While I liked Split quite a bit hey, that rhymes! There are also half a dozen good pebble beaches in the surrounding area.

In season you can also take a shuttle boat up the river, and some private yachts come in here kxrlovac the Mediterranean in summer as well. You are allowed to take zuck swim in the lower lake. You can hike further Wxnting to Visovac lake, which features an island monastery. You kalovac stroll the Wanhing old streets, have a drink on the river front, and enjoy some good seafood. Zadar is famed for its sunsets photo credit: Ron Theunissen Besides a slew of cathedrals and Venetian-era buildings, a very Wantign thing to see is the Sea Organ. Built init is basically a set of steps along the seafront where strategically placed holes create a constantly changing melody from the waves flowing into them.

The waterfalls are super photogenic and, I think, deserving of the hype. Paths and some little boardwalks take you along all the moss- and fern covered cascades. You can also walk up the hills for some overview shots of the waterfalls. The azure waters are crystal clear and easily reminded me of some tropical waterfalls I have seen in Asia or South America. There are a few basic guesthouses and hotels that let you stay overnight in the park, which could help you beat the crowds. For that you need to go to Krka. Karlovac Most people go to Croatia to see Instagram-worthy historical towns along the Mediterranean coast, not an unassuming town in the temperate hinterlands.

Away from the allure of Venetian history, Karlovac places you in a decidedly lumpier Eastern Europe. And yet you may find it worth stopping here, particularly if you consider yourself to be travelling and not only on a sun-and-sea focused holiday. I liked it, albeit in a much simpler way than the other places in Croatia. You cannot tell me here to my face that I am bluffing 9 without any arguments to support it. That is not fitting for a Judge. Seselj, the comment you made was that I was 11 used to false witnesses brought by the Office of the Prosecutor who, even 12 after a lapse of 15 years, recall every detail.

Now, that's just an 13 assertion, a generalisation which has no substance in its context because 14 we are not dealing with, at the moment, witnesses who come here 15 years 15 later. We're dealing with a witness of distinctive intelligence who has a 16 close interest in Srebrenica, and it's against that background that I am 17 asking the questions I'm asking. And to refer in the way you have to 18 Prosecution witnesses with that sort of generalisation is pointless in the 19 context of our debate, and for that reason I call it bluff.

It's 20 something that you assert with a view to concealing, perhaps, we'll have 21 to investigate that later, your own absence of knowledge on the matter. Seselj, when and where did you first set out the version of 24 events that you told us about half an hour ago involving the staging of 25 Srebrenica? Where did you first, and when, did you first set that out? Page 1 In a speech, in a book, in an article, in an interview? I can't recall when was the first time, but more than once I 3 publicly stated that the execution of Muslim prisoners of war in 4 Srebrenica was staged, and you have an abundance of testimony about that 5 in my books, because in my books I publish my features, my television 6 broadcasts, and my newspaper interviews.

Karlovac Wanting in to suck

You have this available and 7 there is an abundance of that. I didn't say it just once, I said it 8 dozens of times. Seselj, they're your books and I'd like you please to point us 10 now, or after the first break if that's more convenient, to either the 11 first, if you can, or at any event an early account by you that matches 12 the account of staging that you gave to the Judges a little earlier. Now, 13 can you give me that detail now or will you require the short break to 14 search your memory and help us? I don't need any break. This is in my books. The Serbian public, 16 all of it, is familiar with that.

It's well known in the Serbian public 17 kn I have already spoken about this, but for me to look it up, I'm not 18 your clerk, Mr. I abide by what I say, but it doesn't cross my mind 19 to try and convince you of anything. Seselj, I'm asking you to help the Judges, please, by 21 referring us to a printed version, as you say it will be, of zuck first or 22 early occasion when you gave this account. Will you karrlovac them that 23 assistance? I will refer the Judges to my books which contain my 25 television, radio, and newspaper interviews from and onwards. Page 1 These books are full of statements of Wanting to suck in karlovac kind, giving the version I am 2 advocating here today based on the information available to me at the 3 time.

What -- what is wrong with Mr. Nice's suggestion 5 that at the break, or even tonight, you might consider the position 6 further and tell us when was actually the first time you spoke out about 7 this? It seems a perfectly reasonable request. I have submitted 80 books to the 10 Office suvk the Prosecutor. My collected works are now being published in 11 hardback, and do you want me to leaf through all of that? Nice's service that t do that. And then if they fail to find it 13 they can Watning it's not there, and then I can try and catch out Mr. Nice and 14 prove that he's lying. No, I must say I'm concerned about this. We all 16 have busy lives, Mr. Seselj, and you'll appreciate that karlovwc life of a 17 Judge in this karlovwc is a busy one.

It would just seem to be reasonable to 18 ask the person who wrote the material to identify when he first referred 19 to it, but if you cannot help, then the matter will have to rest there. Your Honours, I will, of course, be as interventionist 21 as is necessary with this witness to control him and to stop his Wantting, 22 but will the Court please look at the last line of the last answer. Page 1 MR. What are you protesting? Nice is on his 4 feet. Nice address me first and then I'll hear from you. Nice, what is it that you're bringing to our attention? I'm bringing to your attention usck sort of observation 7 that the witness has made, twinning it with the sort of questions and 8 observations that the accused made last week, and I'm inviting the Chamber 9 to ensure that an appropriate decorum is maintained in this Court.

Seselj, it's not -- the suggestion that you 14 made that Mr. Nice might be proved to be lying is an inappropriate karlivac and 15 not acceptable. It's a remark I made to the accused as well. Nice is 16 right; we must observe a level of decorum appropriate with the 17 proceedings. I Wantijg want to hear from you, Mr. Milosevic, on 21 this. Wanging, you are putting in my 24 mouth something I did not say. I did not say that Mr. I 25 didn't say that once. What I said was that if Mr. Nice were to say that Page 1 this was not contained in my karlivac from that time, then I would bring my 2 books here and I would Wantimg him out and show he was lying.

That was a 3 conditional clause. I didn't say he Wanting to suck in karlovac lying. There have been krlovac 4 excesses here, but he is now trying to create an incident. Wanting to suck in karlovac, however, 5 is his problem and your problem with him, not with me. I am trying to 6 behave Wanting to suck in karlovac here and politely. Let us move on. Seselj, the last question I really want to ask you about this 10 intelligence that you read, or the last t on the intelligence you 11 read, at least at the moment, is this: What was the date of that original 12 intelligence? Was it, or when? The date was a day before I read it. Therefore -- Wantinng, these 14 reports were daily and periodic reports.

The periodic reports sometimes 15 contained analyses of certain topics Wanting to suck in karlovac could then include information Wantng from previous years. However, every report that I read was dated from the 17 previous day. Milosevic received the same kind go reports, as did a certain 19 other number of people in the state. The raw material upon which these reports was based, was that a 21 conversation karlofac perhaps a human intelligence un and someone 22 else or a intercept looking back over three years, or was the raw 23 material itself or material?

This is simply an impossible question. How can I answer it? Who 25 in my place could give euck convincing answer to such a question? Our Page 1 intelligence services had their people in various institutions in Serbia. They had 3 their people abroad. Traditionally, our 5 intelligence agencies were always very capable in that respect until the 6 change in government inbut you are now asking me to tell you about 7 these reports in detail as if I had them before me now or as if I karlpvac to 8 memorise them at the time and learn them off by heart. I'm telling you 9 about the basic facts I sukc in that way.

When Wwnting you first mention this material to this accused? I don't 11 want to know what you Wantig to him, but in the proofing sessions when did 12 you first mention the existence of this material to this accused? As far as I can Wanitng, we didn't even discuss this during the 14 proofing sessions, Wantinf we did discuss it marlovac or, rather, we discussed 15 the crime in Srebrenica before on various occasions. Milosevic who was 17 the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. We were coalition 18 partners. You would both have known of this material. I just want to know, 20 do you know whether Wanting to suck in karlovac effort has been made on behalf of the accused to 21 produce this material to this Court?

I ih know that. What the fate of that material is I don't 23 know. The fate of the material is something that I do not know. All I 3 can do is to draw your attention to the fact that after the 5th of October 4 there was a lot of burning of various intelligence material and dossiers 5 in the institute in Belgrade -- security in Belgrade. So what happened, I 6 don't know. And I'm not -- I don't interfere with the work of the Defence 7 team of Mr. All I'm doing is speaking about what I know. And 8 what I say I stand by. Nice, you, too, have to observe the pause.

We're going to adjourn for 20 minutes. Before I do continue, can Mr. Saxon bring you 21 up-to-date with our inquiries into the proposed exhibit of the accused. Very briefly, Your Honours. The newspaper articles 24 published in Politika by Jovan Dulovic were not attached to submission 25 number 55 of Vojislav Seselj, which was provided to the Prosecution some Page 1 months ago. These articles were merely referred to within the text of the 2 submissions. Selected portions of these articles were referred to from 3 pages 10 through pages 44 of Mr.

Seselj's submission number It has previously, in May of6 disclosed under Rule 66 B other articles by Jovan Dulovic, the 7 journalist, but these are different articles that were published in 8 and Seselj, I hope to return to Srebrenica as a topic if time 12 allows later. However, there's one thing I want to ask you about and give 13 you a chance to consider over the next day or so that I'll be asking you 14 questions so that you can help us, and it relates to what you said about 15 the proceedings against Erdemovic in As far as I recollect, and that really was quite some years ago, 20 this statement given by Erdemovic to a journalist led to his arrest in 21 Serbia.

Was a pretext for his arrest in Serbia, if I remember correctly. Are you aware that Janekovic's records of the interview were taken 25 from the journalist at an airport, seized from, I think it's his or her Page 1 luggage -- it's her luggage. Are you aware of that? Seized by the 2 authorities from her luggage on the 2nd of March of I don't know about that. I'm not aware of it. What I want you to help us with is this: Can you point us, 5 please, to any public acknowledgement or public process against Erdemovic 6 or anyone else in respect of Srebrenica before that date, the 2nd of 7 March,when it was known that the journalist was in a position to 8 reveal what Erdemovic had himself revealed?

You're asking me questions on the basis of my negative answer to 10 the previous question. I don't know that anybody seized any notes of any 11 journalist. To the best of my recollections, Erdemovic was the first whom 12 the authorities in Serbia prosecuted for Srebrenica, and that was just one 13 year after the event in Srebrenica, or less than a year. And I was in the 14 opposition at the time, I wasn't in the government at the time, so I can't 15 give you any more detailed information about that. You've answered questions about everything, you've claimed 17 knowledge of nearly everything on all theatres of the conflicts and all 18 matters of government and all matters of legal process, and I'm giving you 19 a chance, the longest chance I can give you, to identify between now and 20 the end of your testimony any public acknowledgement or public process by 21 the authorities in Serbia of Erdemovic or of anyone else before the 2nd of 22 March of I want your help on that.

I don't have that information that somebody before March 24 publicly process -- was publicly processed because of the crime in 25 Srebrenica. That's what the Trial Chamber said, and then 3 semi-jokingly I confirmed that. I never said that I knew everything, was 4 omniscient, nor can anybody be. Only God knows everything, and I am much 5 lower down on that scale, but more than you, Mr. I have a few questions to ask you about your approach to this 7 Tribunal, the relevance of which will become obvious, but first of all the 8 question. Do you recognise the ICTY generally? Not this particular 9 Chamber, we'll have no personalisation of this Chamber.

Do you recognise 10 the ICTY generally as a lawfully constituted body? I consider that this International Tribunal for the former 12 Yugoslavia is unlawful, that it was established by an unlawful organ, the 13 Security Council, which pursuant -- which, pursuant to the UN Charter, did 14 not have the right to do so and that this Court was not established to 15 establish justice but peace, and it is the first Court or Tribunal in the 16 history of mankind given the task of establishing peace and not 17 establishing the truth, justice.

And as a legal man myself, as a 18 professor of constitutional law, theoretically speaking I bring into 19 question the legality and lawfulness of this Tribunal and I claim that it 20 is not legal or lawful. Again with no reference to the Judges in this particular Chamber, 22 just to confirm what your position is about recognising the lawful 23 authority of the judiciary of the Tribunal generally. Do you recognise 24 any lawful authority in the judiciary generally? I consider that this Tribunal is not a lawful organ, that this Page 1 Tribunal is anti-Serbian. It is a political institution as such, and this 2 Tribunal is oriented against the interests of the Serb people.

And the 3 sources of financing fully compromise the Tribunal. It was not financed 4 only by the United Nations but by Soros and many other private persons and 5 states in the world who had a personal vested interest in it. Nice, at this stage I have to ask you about 7 the relevance. Seselj, when you came into this room, you took the solemn 10 declaration. In what way, then, in light of your last two answers, does 11 that bind you at all? I solemnly declared before the eyes of the public and mankind that 13 I will speak the truth without entering on that occasion to the fact of 14 whether this Tribunal was lawful or unlawful, and I have adhered to that, 15 to tell the truth.

And -- however, I will always question the legality 16 and lawfulness of this Tribunal, both professionally and on scientific 17 grounds. So there's nothing in your declaration that binds you to the Court 19 generally, or indeed to this Chamber specifically. As you've expressed 20 it, it's to mankind; correct? I have here the text of the declaration that I uttered and I 22 declared here. There's a practical problem. One of the reasons I'm asking you 5 these questions, and I'm only going to ask you a few but only a few more 6 about your attitude to the Tribunal. Ever since I arrived at The Hague prison, I did not disclose a 12 single name of any protected witness, and I abide strictly by that 13 provision because I don't want to put -- give you this argument of telling 14 me that you're not informing me about the protected witnesses so that I 15 can question their testimony.

I never published -- made public their 16 names except my Defence -- to my Defence team, and I did so to them 17 legally. I sent them confidential material disclosed to me by the 18 Prosecution, and they never made that public, they never published that. I may have to return to that and just a few questions about your 20 attitude before we move on to something else so that we can understand 21 where you stand. And in the trial against me, I will unmask that anti-Serb Page 1 plot by proving that all the accusations against me are false, based on 2 false witnesses, based on false evidence, and politically motivated. Your 3 motive was to do away with me from Serbian political life because there 4 was the danger of my party taking over power in Serbia.

So that is the 5 sole reason for which you raised the indictment against me. You first 6 raised the indictment and only then began to collect evidence against me. Can you look at the following document, please, that I'm afraid is 10 not translated, but nevertheless it's very short and you can help us with 11 it. You have to provide me with documents in the Serbian language. It comes from your own website, so it is in the Serbian language. This lists some of the documents and books currently being 16 advertised on your website; is that correct? Well, the Radical Party's 17 website, your party's website.

Just looking down that list of contemporary publications, is one 20 headed A Genocidal Israeli Diplomat, Theodore Meron? Yes, that is my book entitled The Genocidal Israeli Diplomat, 22 Theodor Meron, because he was the Israeli foreign minister, and he 23 implemented genocide against the Palestinian people and as such he cannot 24 be qualified to be the president of the International Tribunal which is to 25 try other people for similar crimes. And he abused his position as Page 1 president of the Tribunal; he held a speech at the anniversary of 2 Srebrenica and spoke about genocide.

Sometimes the answer can be very brief. If you feel it's going to 4 be helpful for you to go on at length in the way you have done, I won't 5 necessarily stop you, but the answer can be brief. Nice, if the answer is too brief, then it is not complete and 8 not in the interests of justice for me to give incomplete answers. As you 9 can see, all my answers follow the same direction as do your questions, 10 and I'm just confirming what you've said. I'm answering in the 11 affirmative, so you don't have to run away from my answers, and I'm doing 12 my best to make them concise, well-centred, and concentrated on what 13 you're asking me, but, of course, complete. Is that the sort of material your website is publishing?

I consider 20 Carla Del Ponte in the legal sense to be a prostitute because she does not 21 adhere to legal principles. She is downtreading them. She is waging an 22 anti-Serb policy and wishes to try the whole Serbian people and makes a 23 selection of the individuals whom she indicts in this Tribunal on that 24 basis. Let's look at the next document, please. Page 1 A. You're not going to stop there, Mr. I thought you 2 would go through all the titles so I could explain them. Is it -- this document comes from your magazine. I may have to 4 find the passage, but there's a passage that's been translated into 5 English, and on the Serbian version it's on the right-hand side of the 6 page.

And in February of this year, were you publishing in your magazine 7 in respect of this Court an article headed The Criminals Are Banning 8 Vucic's Visit? And in the second -- or the third paragraph, you say this: I 11 accepted him as my legal advisor but you, all you members of The Hague 12 Tribunal Registry -" perhaps you'd like to read the last line of that, 13 please, to us, in the Serbian. Why didn't you read it all out? You read more beautifully than I 15 do. At the end I said: Read the last short paragraph on this page. No, I can't do only the last one. I have to do the penultimate 23 one and the last paragraph together because you can understand the last 24 one only if I read the one but last paragraph as well.

All they have to do is to fulfil those 4 conditions which I prescribe for them. And you can go on hampering my 5 Defence and then ultimately you're going to have to eat all the shit that 6 you excreted.

I time for certain that on the opening of im killed there are 22 countries of restaurant who died much longer. Not this year 9 Different, we'll have no personalisation of this Study. Why do you say we should get 11 this expression?.

That's the man, and 10 his aim is to make my Defence impossible. Two more and then I'm done with this. The next one, please, is an 12 extract from your magazine or newspaper of April Could you just 13 look at that. Perhaps the usher can even show the two pictures on the 14 overhead projector. And it accuses the Pope of being the main culprit for the -- this 19 is the late Pope, the main culprit for the crimes falsely alleged against 20 yourself. Can you, in a couple of sentences so that we can understand it, 21 and I would ask you to be brief, explain why it is that you say the late 22 Pope was responsible for the crimes charged against you?

You dealt with 23 it in evidence and I didn't follow it. John Paul II, the Pope until the recent one, continued the 25 traditional Vatican anti-Serb policy, and he is the main culprit for all Page 1 the crimes in this war, because through his policy he caused the war. And 2 I have a multitude of evidence. My legal advisors are busy preparing an 3 extensive report on it, because the crux of my Defence is the thesis that 4 for all the crimes that are being ascribed to me, the main culprit for 5 those are Pope John Paul II. And let me remind you of The Book of 6 Recollections by the American ambassador to the Vatican written at the 7 beginning of the s about the papal policy and his efforts to break up 8 Yugoslavia, and that is the thesis that I will be promoting, so be well 9 prepared when my trial goes ahead, that will be the main thesis of my 10 Defence.

You haven't produced any documentation to support this as part of 12 your evidence here. Just help us, please: Do you have any piece of 13 material, any bit of writing or any recorded intercept or piece of 14 intelligence that connects directly to the late Pope whom you have 15 associated with this policy? Any piece of paper you'd like to produce to 16 us? Canberra is a small city ofWe have bars, restaurants and a symphony orchestra comensurate with a town that has average wages twice that of Sydney. Almost 20, people on our town are university students, and we have our own Rugby and League teams. How many other people in Australia live within walking distance from a library with 10 million books, the national art collection contained in two seperate galleriesthe worlds premier war museum.

Canberra is an easy town, with great services and things to do. We are less than two hours from the beach or the snow. And in this town there is no such thing as unemployment. So there Posted by: Morgan on February 17, We have clear skies. What has Sydney and Melbourne Got. A public transport system that we always hear about as a failure. Smog and traffic lights, all around terrible air quality. I mean crowds everywhere. I will take Canberra in all its beauty, rather than a smog and traffic ridden hell hole.

Yeah, but as a tourist destination? Andrew on February 17, There's not much to do there, but it just seemed to have character. Maz on February 17, It is Canberra in Canada. I was only there for a day and I went to a great museum I've been there many times. During the summer, people ride to work on many of the city's great bicycle paths. In the winter they skate to work on the frozen Rideau Canal. There are several great museums and at night you can sometimes see the Aurora Borealis. Darren on February 17, Apart from the falls the rest of it is a disgrace.

Canberra is Australia's capital in name only. Most foreigners believe that Sydney is Australia's capital, and who can blame them. Canberra is a pretend capital, with it's pretend local government that is run by a pretend chief minister otherwise known as a discount mayora pretend police 'force' that is too busy buying half-price Macdonald's to do anything about the spiraling crime rate the only reason anyone reports a crime to them is so they can get a job number for their insurance claima pretend jail that is an epic fail, a pretend judiciary that is run by bleeding heart do-gooders that rarely sends anyone to the pretend jail, a pretend international airport that has difficulty handling anything bigger than a Boeing The pretend international airport has a pretend business park adjacent to it which has non-existent or very poor mobile phone reception When travelling, only people with broad shoulders and thick skin admit to being from Canberra.

Jonathan on February 17, I am sure it has alot to offer if you actually lived there and got to know the place but as a tourist you don't got that much time. Kristy on February 17, I just got back from DC and we spent 6 days there and did not see anywhere near everything. The smithsonian is made up of 16 different museums all in which take at least one day if you want to see even half of them.

The monuments could take one day Wanting to suck in karlovac scuk leave at 8 and come Wabting at 8 there are many and all interesting. Also suk from the smithsonian inn are a large range of museums catering iarlovac all ages from the international spy museum mustcrime and punishment, natural history with other major place to visit including libray of congress, capitol, white house if you lucky. If you think DC is boring you either have never been karlovwc and assume that it must be boring if its the capitol of the US or you are not interesting in anything from crime, space, history, books, culture, tto.

If you are Wantinf to write you might want to check out the place sucj you trash it. Its called research Posted by: Hilary on February 17, The Rideau Canal is the longest outdoor skating canal in the world and is amazing with ponds off the side. The peace tower is more interesting that canberra's parliament house and it has a few ok bars. I'd take it off the list and as for DC, it's got plenty of amazing museums and lots of places look average compared to new york Mike on February 17, Try having fun there. But, you know, that doesn't always stop me. DLB on February 17, Never has such a good time anywhere else.

Paul on February 17, Sarcasm aside, it's never a good sign when a city's main claim to fame is that it's close to other places that you might actually want to visit I'm looking at you, Singapore. Canboring on February 17, Walking distance to great bars and restaurants. Cute little city centre. War Museum, Parliament House I have been to heaps of cities in the US and had so much fun visiting all the Smithsonians and Monuments, and was only a 3 hour bus ride from NYC. Renee on February 17, Must be a slow day at "work", I guess.

Average incomes twice that of Sydney? That's like someone with ten kids bragging about how much Centrelink money they get - its not like you earned it or anything. Stuo on February 17, I was in Boston I thinkat the time and rang an interflora florist in the US. They wouldn't believe me that Canberra existed. Could probably get flowers sent to Wagga Wagga, but not our capital. Had to ring a florist in Canberra and sort it out that way. When I got to the US a couple of years ago, I looked up the capitals of each state.

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