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Turkey Roasting Guidelines & Tips

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Make sure od pan is sturdy enough to handle your large turkey safely. Do NOT stuff your turkey ahead of time as harmful bacteria growth could spoil the uncooked turkey. Just before roasting, stuff the body and the neck of the turkey. If packed in too tightly, it will be very dense instead of light.

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Truss or Not to Tibht You do not need to bother with complicated trussing. Instead, secure tganksgiving legs by tucking the ankle joints into the pocket of right at the tail end. Using kitchen twine or skewers, tie or truss the abdomen closed and the legs together close to the body so that the stuffing cooks evenly. Roast your turkey breast-side down on a v-shaped rack until the last hour or so in the oven, then turn turn the turkey to brown the breast, if desired. The result is a moister white meat. This is optional, but I like to rub some butter over the skin of the turkey before beginning the roasting.

Vegetable oil may also be used, but I like the taste of real butter.

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This helps the skin brown. This will create a steam room-type environment in the oven, which help keep the breast moist but will tiggt prevent browning of the skin. Basting during the roasting tigh is an unnecessary extra step. Basing in the last hour thanksgiviny roasting can actually turn a beautiful crisp turkey skin soft. Baste the turkey with accumulated juices from the bottom of the pan. If your turkey is browning too quickly, make a tent out of aluminum foil and place over the top of the turkey. Three easy ways to baste a turkey: Use a Turkey Baster bulb turkey baster Use a basting brush Use a large spoon to scoop up the juices and drizzle over the turkey Cooking Thermometers: Never rely on the little plastic thermometer in some turkeys to pop out.

If you wait for it, the turkey will overcook. Instead stick an instant read thermometer several inches down through the skin between the thigh and the breast so the tip ends up about an inch above the joint. There are tnanksgiving of choices out tiht. A heritage turkey is right for you if you want to try an old-fashioned breed of turkey, often leggier and leaner and more flavorful, and don't mind paying a little extra for it. If organics are important, you may already have your eye on a turkey raised according to organic standards, and fed organic feed. If you'd prefer a traditional fresh or frozen bird, pick the healthiest-looking one in the weight range you need, and make sure it looks well fed for its size.

And, remember, fresh may not necessarily be better than frozen; frozen turkeys are snap-frozen just after butchering. To buy the right size turkey for your party, simply tally up the turkey-eating guests. Add a few pounds on for bones and you've got your turkey weight. For example, 8 people will require a 12 to pound turkey. Cook the turkey on a rack of vegetables. Create a natural roasting rack for your turkey by layering carrots, onions and celery on the bottom of the roasting pan. Lifting the turkey off the base of the pan helps to increase hot air circulation around the whole bird so that it will get crispy all over.

And the vegetables add great flavor to the gravy. Brining keeps it moist. Brining is an easy, sure-fire way to a moist thanlsgiving flavorful turkey. A typical brining solution contains water, salt, thankegiving and a variety of spices and aromatics. Just be sure to follow a trusted recipe so you get the right proportion of each. Keep the stuffing on the side. Chances are the Thanksgivings of your childhood featured a stuffing cooked right in the cavity of the turkey. Go ahead and use your family recipe, but we suggest you cook the stuffing in a separate pan.

Cooking the stuffing in the turkey can provide fertile ground for the growth of harmful bacteria.

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