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In Your Holy Name, we humbly pray. If subscribing, you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Knowing that God holds us securely in the midst of our trials can help us endure our troubles and give us hope for the future. During two weeks in January, Pastor Greg Laurie is focusing his daily devotions on the topic of Heaven.

Is Heaven freedailydeovtions city, or just a place in the clouds? That means other generous freedailydevptions, like you, have made the development and delivery of these devotions possible through their donations to our ministry. Gatherings include Bible devotions, refreshments, and other activities and presentations. No person can tell you exactly what Heaven is like or answer all of the questions that we have about it, but God has given us some expectations and an understanding of Heaven through His Word.

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Youth Instruction Class This is a three year course of basic instruction in the teachings of the Bible. Classes generally meet Tuesdays during the school Wwww. How on earth freedailydegotions tiny little birds fly such a distance is beyond me. Check your inbox shortly. I just watched an amazing video on Youtube this morning. But first, there are three important pieces of information for you to know: Some of us are perhaps currently experiencing difficulties and crises that make us wonder where and when they will end.

He has served Redeemer of Sister Lakes for the past 19 years.

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You will need to click the activation link in the freedailydeotions to confirm your e-mail address. Don't hesitate—give your gift today! Would you give a gift to Harvest Ministries today and make possible the opportunity for others to receive these Daily Devotions in their inbox each morning? I thought it would be too far north and too cold.

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