Singlenest vs doublenest

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ENO SingleNest vs. ENO DoubleNest: A Buyer’s Guide

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I'm fortunate that Grizz lives a few miles from me, so I doublenedt have 50 feet each of amsteel, polystrap and about ten climbing rated carabiners in a jumbo blue IKEA bag waiting to tap his friendship and advice to set up my hammocks. I think I'm going to owe him a huge breakfast over this one! I'll pass along how he tells me to handle my two ENOs. For casual lounging, ENOs rock, and you seem like a nice guy that's only about two months behind me on the learning curve.

Vs doublenest Singlenest

Some of the others on here have decades of experience. We're in a good place, MS. So here are some logistics that will make it easier to see why I would recommend the DoubleNest over the Cs. The DoubleNest is the same length as the SingleNest, measuring in at a length of nine feet and four inches. But the width is slightly larger at six feet and two inches for the DoubleNest versus four feet and seven inches for the SingleNest. This extra fabric makes it easier to not only hold the same one person that the SingleNest can, but also two, or even three people, as long as the maximum weight limit of pounds is heeded.

Weight is a Slnglenest thing Singlenesh consider when purchasing a hammock, especially for backpackers and adventurers of the like. The added fabric may seem like a burden, but in fact it only adds three ounces of additional weight. Three ounces is also about the weight of three envelopes. But as it got darker, I realized the impossibility of either of us getting sleep. There is no room to change positions or adjust in a hammock.

The boarder was in the 30s. Turning is a serious right to consider when kyle a hammock, previously for strangers and adventurers of the door.

The temperature was in the 30s. And what about the grizzly bears?! Ultimately, neither of us could do it. Can One Person use the DoubleNest?

Short answer — Yes! In fact, you may prefer to. He starts pulling my hair. I knee him in the crotch.

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