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Were you supposed to find the Belvedere Apollo attractive, to be turned on by the Parthenon frieze? Whereas Eve Loovely born in her birthday suit, Pandora, the first lady of the Greeks, comes with a booys kit. If we Lovrly to Charmides in the gym, however, another possibility becomes apparent. They are meant to produce an immediate impact, bypassing considered appraisal. His exposition of these writers is exceptionally clear, but sometimes the theory, which tends to be modern and universalising, sits uncomfortably with the emphasis on cultural specificity.

For centuries thereafter, European flesh was covered in layers of fabric, producing enough acres of white flesh to make a Spartan spit. But by far the most important factor was photography. An amphora or a column or a line of Theocritus provided a false?

Metaneira shrieks when she catches the nurse roasting her son on a fire. What would a phallofugal orgy look like? The power of the body, however, was far more than the power to attract. You only had to look at someone to see what kind of life they had been living: But when the Roman javelins began to fall, the Celts began to wish they had kept their trousers on. Here we come up against the problem of the Cnidian Aphrodite, the first proper statue of a naked female form. In the Nineties, there is enough body fascism to make a Spartan start to feel at home.

There is more than one problem here.

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People came from miles around to see the supermodel Phryne, supplier of feminine curves to sculptors and painters, naaked off her cloak and go paddling during the festival of Poseidon. The very thought of Athena without her aegis is hard to contemplate. Xenophon recalls Socrates advising him to take to his heels at the sight of a beautiful man:

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