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20 most common interview questions (and how to answer them)

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Stains on the ceiling can indicate a leaking roof. Pay attention to your nose as you walk through; if a room or area smells musty, it might indicate mold or mildew. Open up cabinets under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and look for tiny black spots on the back wall; this indicates the presence of mold. You should also look for black spots in the caulking around tubs and sinks. Look at exposed pipes carefully and check for rust or signs of leaking. Look carefully at the windows.

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Paint that is flaking or bubbling around the windows might also indicate that moisture is getting in. Pay attention to cracks in the ceiling. Larger cracks might indicate a anr with the foundation. Open and close doors and windows. If they stick or are hard to open, this might be another clue that there are foundation problems. Feel around windows, doors, and electrical outlets for any drafts. If this is a home you feel you might want to make an offer on, take pictures of any damage as you walk through each room. Look carefully at the people you might be living next to this includes any homes that border the backyard as well.

How well do they maintain their house and yard? Do they have any children or pets?

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Are those looki outside barking right now? Is their trash put away neatly or is it flowing all over the yard? One of my personal favorites, this is open-ended enough to trigger an intriguing story--a journey to Open and lookin for whatever foreign Opdn, meeting a famous person, getting funded for the startup of your dreams, a special talent used for making the world a better place, etc. What whatevef one of your defining moments? This is another great question that invites the speaker to share on a deeper level, which builds momentum and rapport quicker.

Why did you choose your profession? This assumes that, at some point, you dropped the mandatory "What do you do? As a follow-up, it's a question that will reveal multiple layers of someone's journey. Your eyes act as a spotlight for your attention. You direct your gaze to what attracts your attention and you keep it there if it holds your attention. By looking at something, you're telling the world what's on your mind. When someone looks directly at you, you're on their mind. Your self-worth grows if someone gazes into your eyes in a positive context -- if they're smiling, sharing common ideas and asking you pleasant questions -- because you're out-competing everyone else for attention.

At that moment, you're the only one who's "worthy" of attention. Watch your reflection in the mirror. When you are interacting with someone face-to-face, you subconsciously pick up non-verbal cues to try to guess what's on their mind. They're probably looking at what they're thinking about. What the employer wants to know The employer is trying to determine three things: Your general work ethic. What impact you might make. You also need to ask yourself What challenges are you looking for in a position?

How to answer Think how the employer defines xnd, says Claire Jenkins, founder of Interview Coaching. They could be about reputation management or whatefer criticism, winning awards, market recognition, extended or renewed contracts. Where possible, describe relevant examples from your current role. Prepare for this question alongside question What would you do in the first month in the job? If you flip things around, and you pose this question to the employer, you have a good opportunity to learn more about the job.

How not to answer Many candidates make the mistake of overpromising, which can damage your credibility. As with question What foe you do in the first month in the job? Tell me an achievement you are proud of What the employer wants foe know Alan Andrews, HR manager for KIS Financesays an employer asks this question to find out what you consider as important, and what your priorities are. You want a rounded individual. If someone describes a challenge that shows resilience, such as completing an enduring fitness challenge or a charitable accomplishment that demonstrates a strong social and ethical conscience, this stands them in good stead.

Organising a sport or fundraising event, taking part in a race, or learning and using a new language or musical instrument are good examples. Looking at your last appraisal. You can manage this stress by preparing your answers to salary related questions ahead of time. If you do research on average compensation for both the role and your experience level, you can have productive and informative conversations about pay with your potential employers. They have a budget. If they find most candidates are asking for a great deal more than anticipated, it might mean requesting a larger budget for the position.

They want to gauge how well you know your worth.

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