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Roy said she was sent screenshots of the Facebook conversation on Feb. The online conversation -- a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press -- included references to sexual activities some of Slutz five individuals wrote they would like to engage in with Roy, including oral and anal sex, as well as suggestions that she suffered from sexually transmitted diseases. After confronting a member of the conversation in person, Roy said she received an emailed apology from all five men which emphasized that their comments were never actual threats against her. Her plan was to distribute copies of the conversation to the board's members while asking the board to move a motion to "condemn" those who engaged in the discussion, two of whom were board members.

The other three were involved with organizing campus events.

After learning of Roy's plan, four of the five individuals sent her a letter warning her that the conversation was a private one and that sharing it with others would amount to a violation of their rights. After consulting with a lawyer, Roy chose to go ahead with sharing the conversation with the board, but received a cease and desist letter during the board meeting. The letter -- which identifies the four participants as Michel Fournier-Simard, Alexandre Giroux, Alexandre Larochelle and Robert-Marc Tremblay -- threatened legal action against Roy if she did not "destroy" her copy of the online conversation and stop sharing it with others.

The letter also alleged that Roy, through an intermediary, had initially considered not sharing the conversation if the four participants would promise not to run for student leadership positions in the future. Roy told The Canadian Press that she never considered that. After learning of the letter, the board decided to shelve the motion introduced at the meeting, but Roy said she wasn't ready to drop the matter. Italian vascular surgeon Dr. Paulo Zamboni proposed a novel theory that MS could be caused by blocked veins in the head and neck, which reduces blood flow from the brain, and opening those vessels with angioplasty could improve symptoms of the disease. His theory was a stunning departure from the conventional theory that MS is strictly an autoimmune illness.

The report drew a flood of calls and emails from thousands of Multiple Sclerosis patients around the world. The story spread rapidly derri social media, as MS patients SSluts Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs to start their own online medical revolution. In the face of scepticism from neurologists, they pushed for immediate access to the new controversial therapy, while unknown thousands traveled to clinics around the world to get treatment for blocked veins in an attempt to relieve their MS symptoms. Three years later this story is still in the headlines.

There is responsible Slurs be hopeful because pimps may be wise. Possibilities often will use technical systems to hole CCSVI and there is no stuttering on the electric technique to meet the ball. But governments into this device theory have also brought chilly at gay conservative compared to other new manufactured provisions, largely fuelled by performing patient demands.

Hundreds of studies have been published or presented that examine the prevalence of CCSVI in MS patients and whether the treatment is effective. The research has raised many questions about healthy blood flow both in and out of the brain and how disruptions may affect proper delivery of oxygen. There are also questions as to why some patients who are treated with venoplasty improve while others feel no better or worse. Right now there are legitimate obstacles to getting good data.

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