Dota 2 ranked matchmaking is bad

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When is Valve going to fix ranked/unranked games?

This guy had nothing to do in my hot, nor in its. It's not that Ganked don't think to play DotA, it's that the magnificent's matchmaking is so fortunate domestic there's nothing I can do. Sleep their offlaner had more fun, and my Naix did try its prestigious, that's the central.

But like most of these shitty cry babies they are not. So you are wrong, you are bae because you deserve to be here, I am glad to see the MM working just fine. Don't worry sooner or later you will realize this and stop crying about it. Unless you can go mid with a carry and bottle and gank rape everyone from there then you deserve to be where you are in the shit bracket. If you are good as you claim you would be raping regardless of the team and I have seen it far to many times happen.

All the whining about MM matcumaking broken is bullshit in my opnion, it's just people that think is professional but in the end are nothing better than the average. Valve have to rework all the soloqueue algorisnm. Soloqueue matchmaking is unbalanced bullshit. You play duoqueue, you win.

Dota is a free game. Seriously else, nothing more.

You play tryqueue you win. You play solo you pain. Stop being so ridiculous. Where can i find a post that anyone from valve has said anything about the MM? If it was ranked mode, im sure it would've visible MMR and less players would complain.

This way you can reduce amount of variance which should significantly increase quality of your games. There is no fucking ladder. Ia fact remains that the matchmaking system rankedd still very broken in it's current state, if you're matchkaking to play this game seriously with other people you don't know. A good lot of players are in the same pool, aside from those who've stacked with 4 since they got into the game. Seemingly, this encourages stacking, which would make perfect sense seeing as you can buy invites for your friends. Valve wants to make as much money while it's in beta as they can. So I can understand, I guess.

Unfortunately, this probably means we aren't going to see any significant or better changes to the mm system until the game gets released. That implies that I play the same snowball capable hero over and over and over and that is not fun at all.

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Just stop arguing man dota is a team game. However if your skill is lets Dootayou cant solo the entire enemy team, but non disabler enemies. Even their offlaner had more farm, and my Naix did try its best, that's the issue. This matchmsking had nothing to do in my team, nor in theirs. There's just nothing I can do. It's like the game is deciding you have to lose or win for that matter the next game no matter what, so it's rankev you trash tier players that don't even qualify as garbage. I'm serious when I say I'd have a better chance playing with an IA instead, because I most certainly would. Likewise, you play versus the same players half of the time or so.

Not much of a challenge either, I even feel bad for the few players that are decent in the ennemy team and have to suffer through this experience, because our roles will be reversed soon enough. Then, I read IG messages like 'be friendly with new players' blabla. What's the point, is this supposed to be fun? I want to play fair games like before. Fair games mean that both teams are about equally as skilled. She got outcarried by a Riki. I had to babysit her for 46 painful minutes as I watch her die in smokes again, and again, and again, and not buy BKB or even MKB no matter how politely I asked.

It's like being forced to watch a bad quality stream on Twitch playwise but not be able to leave it. If you don't support, you have 0 ward and nowhere to farm anyway.

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