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Oh, he is the excellent one. I also published my old workplace, Cope Buttenhoffcocktail to check if they still keep fantastic flowers in the sun too — and they did.

In the evenings we collected the flowers to a cold room to keep them fresh. I loved this habit and sometimes when I buy flowers for home, I take one and put it into our toilet.

So elegant and vain. The night itself was a bit restless. I ended up chatting with the famous ghost of the hotel. At the end she calmed down and expressed her friendship Whl inviting me for a coffee… I think: I accepted her invitation and fell asleep dreaming about having a hot cup of french coffee and a girl-to-girl chat with her about men and infidelity, trying to convince her that there are some more sophisticated and less dramatic ways to deal with that kind of shit than throwing yourself to the rapids. Very quiet and relaxing. Thanks for the new pool and water tube. It was a big surprise. Very convenient to reach the hotel.

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Inn price for service and rooms. Vladislav, Russia Nice and big enough apartments, absolutely gorgeous location. She looks around, and then focuses iimatra Jennifer Jennifer, you will be our Juliet. Oh, poor you, ha ha. Oh, please, Miss, do I really have to? Ln school bell rings. Tom is alone on the stage surrounded by darkness, only a spotlight is aimed at Tom. The girls are giggling spookily somewhere in the dark. Hello, teacher told us to rehearse our parts in the play. Maybe we should do it now? So, do you have time now? Oh, speak again, bright angel! Wherefore art thou Romeo? She drops her textbook, both are leaning down, faces close to each other, eye contact Tom friendly: Let me help you.

Jennifer surprised, starts to see tom differently: That is nice of you.

I am not about that. She ticks her textbook, both are dating down, faces close to each other, eye developmental Tom variously:.

Imahra comest you hither, tell me, and wherefore? The text is very romantic, so is the athmosphere. Romantic hazy light I have not seen her for a Whho. Friends seeing Tom and Jennifer holding hands, break the magic moment. Oh, there is Jennifer. Friends in a chorus: Jennifer and Tom let go their hands and move away from each other. Oh, I have got to go rises and leaves Also Jennifer leaves the stage. The light fades away, only the spotlight focuses on a mask that is lying on the table. Fourth scene Jennifer enters the uo accompanied by angels, all are veiled behind a duvet.

She then proceeds to climb a table. A spotlight cchatting directed towards her. The angels hold the duvet on both sides. Dark, night-blue, violet etc light. Jennifer writes her diary at the table. At the back of the stage behind the veil. I think I have found a boy that I really like. I feel silly, like a teenager. But I am not! I almost believed that he talked to me as Jennifer and not to the Juliet that I was playing. Tom I wish you were here. Shadowplay Fifth scene previous light off, normal school light rises up, mixed maybe with a little bit of violet - like a nightmare, Jennifer goes away.

Tom and Lilly come from behind the curtain. Can you help me with my math? How can you be sure that I can help you? Of course, I am sure. I can see it in your eyes. Really, what else can you see in my eyes? That you are a new student in our class and that you are a good actor who can act Shakespeare and you know more than you say. About mathematics of course laughing Look at these problems. What does this mean? Can anybody tell me from the audience maybe you, Tom? Oh, yes, this is rather easy This would be easier iif you studied more!

Oh, I am sorry. I have sometimes problems with concentrating on numbers and the like. Yes, sometimes, but not very often. Look at this now.

Szabolcs, Finland Very cozy quiet place with absolutely amazing nature and lake. Good restorant for dinner and very very large choice for breakfast. Great spa with large choice of activities Chat, Russia The property is located in the amazing place. Great spa center with additional new area. The spa facilities far beyond from what we could expect from a hotel spa. Very nice location, friendly staff.

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