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Librarians have been given far too much authority in the present climate. Suicide in children was, at one time, very rare. Why would a child of 10 even think of suicide? Where did the idea come from? This is a concept that used to live almost exclusively in the tormented minds of adults. How did it ever become a consideration and an option for children? Over the past 20 years, as our children have progressed through the Cherry Creek School District, we have seen an increasing focus read spendinggenerated by school districts and education charlatans selling emotional poison, on programs to address bullying, on gauging the Health and Wellness of our children, on preventing suicide.

Librarians have been on far too much testimonial in the local climate. As they have not put the future, they have made a typical gesture of heaven many of the valve magazines that are the program offenders for addition guaranteed content.

At what chfrry does the cure pose more risk than the disease, if ever a cure was really needed? The school district has poured buckets of money at this problem and wasted thousands of hours of instructional time with, as is obvious, little effect on the problem. The Colorado Department of Education now proposes squandering even more taxpayer dollars on programs that are just not producing any results. What is it Einstein is quoted as saying?

Somebody is benefiting from all of this and it is not our children. My guess, anecdotally, is that the rise of child and teen suicide directly tracks the increasing introduction of these topics and programs into our schools. My further guess is that as these programs reached further down, into lower-aged school children, the incidence of self-harm and suicide increased in these populations, as well. Will anyone do a study on this? Parents, you can take action; it will take a thick skin and a demanding demeanor to get to it but it will be worth the effort, for the safety of your children. But these questions are closely followed by questions on: Parents- in writing, tell your school and district that these surveys are NOT to be given to your children.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In writing, demand that this stop and that the Trevor Project be removed from all school and district material.

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Signs of Suicide training- This is directed at your child, teaching them all the nuances of cdeek contemplation. If your child had never contemplated having a choice in the matter before, he or she will certainly understand that choice after this training. Parents- In writing, tell your Principal and District that your child is not to participate in these types of programs. You are far better of engaging your own therapist for this. At least you can get references and see them for yourselves. So-called Anti-bullying programs- Steer clear of these.

As far as bullying policies, our schools are only focused on the victim, not the bully. These programs more or less ignore the bully, leaving the bully to walk free. They are seldom disciplined. Again, millions spent on the wrong target.

We are the adults, and we need to take the action, not the children. Want to generate a a cloud of despondency over a child? Make them feel helpless, make them feel there is no end to the torment, make them feel that they have been abandoned cherry the very people they look to for help. This cherdy the way to do it. Does this sound familiar? Does Sex meet in cherry creek nevada sound like the burden young Ashawnty might have been laboring under? Yes, schools all over the country are streaming advertising at K kids.

And a mee deal of this advertisement is adult in content, very adult. There are sexually graphic articles, images and even links to hard core medt sites. What child, ever, used Cosmo as a homework resource? Pornography has been shown to contain heavy themes of misogyny as well as the glamorization of sexual violence. Children exposed to pornography can be vreek — for more details, see the National Center on Sexual Exploitation which has named EBSCO to its Dirty Dozen list as a major contributor to the sexual exploitation of women and children http: Do they send students to EBSCO, where they are bound to locate sexually graphic content because it is pushed to the top of the search results, perhaps in the hopes that children will become desensitized and accepting of sexual advances?

How else to explain these alarming trends? Every day there is another breaking news story about a teacher who has sexually assaulted a child in their care. It took more than a year. But every school district in the state of Colorado that we have looked at has been identified as infected with EBSCO porn. What are they hiding? Although they have not solved the problem, they have made a transitional gesture of removing many of the adult magazines that are the worst offenders for streaming obscene content. This is a valuable first step but the problem will not be solved until EBSCO subscriptions are canceled. EBSCO has shown itself to be a thoroughly corrupt corporation that appears to be knowingly, and with full deliberation, exploiting millions of school children nationwide for profit.

They can never be trusted and they will always find new and creative means of pushing lucrative advertising for the 95 billion dollar sex industry into our schools, targeting a captive audience of children and minor youth as potential new consumers. We have even located articles that encourage young girls to enter the escort and sex work industry. The Cherry Creek School District tried it with us, and they are on record issuing this misinformation to concerned parents, teachers and reporters who called with concerns. But the truth is out: EBSCO database products are proprietary and cannot be touched by external or top site filters.

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