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Ryuji's face flamed and he hurried to get dressed before Shima could say anything else weird. He would have to deal with Shima later, as punching him in front of Rin would probably give away that jumping Rin was definitely a possibility. He slipped all eight of his usual earrings in with practiced fingers, but he fumbled a bit with the two new ones he had recently gotten. He gelled his hair up and out of his eyes quickly and stepped out of the bathroom. Let's go Okumura," he called after walking to the door. Rin got up from the bed and moved to follow him. Could you come here for a second? Shima, for his part, seemed undaunted. I didn't think you had it in you.

And on top of that, Okumura may be cute and all, but he's still a guy like us Bon. Shima began to wilt. Ryuji gave a contemptuous snort. Rin wrapped his tail around Ryuji's arm and beamed up at him as he asked, "So where are we going? He had known there was something he still needed to figure out. First off, yes, more earrings. The more piercing the better. My taste in guys scares my friends. Place everything you need during the bike and run portions in your transition area. T1 and T2 are the same. Place your bikes with the handle in the front of the rack and hang your bike on the rack from the saddle not the handlebars. Place everything you don't need after the swim and leave it in your transition area i.

There will be a penalty for any dropped items on the course. Wear your helmet before taking your bike off the rack. Take your helmet off after you hang your bike on the rack. Ride on your bike after your front wheel crosses the start line. Get off your bike after your front wheel crosees the finish line. There will be a separate holding area for relay teams near the swim and bike transition area. All members must wait in the relay holding area until their turn. Take the ankle timing chip from the previous member and make sure to securely strap onto either ankle. About the Bike Portion 1. The bike portion consists of 2 laps of 20km total 40km.

You must have at least 1 water bottle on your bicycle.

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Do not use disposable plastic bottles. Keep left and do not ride side by side, unless when passing. You will ride through 4 tunnels per lap. We recommend wearing sunglasses that are transparent. Drafting is prohibited at all times. Riding within 10m of each other will be considered drafting and will be penalized. If passing a biker, you must pass within 20 seconds or it will be considered drafting. Make sure you signal by calling out loud and pass on the ride side. It is prohibited to pass on a turn or corner. After passing, keep left after you get enough distance with the biker behind you.

About the Run Portion 1.

The run portion consists of 4 laps of 2. Pass from the right side after letting the runner fr. You will be photographed at the finish line. Take off your sunglasses and hat frisnd identify yourself. Then Ashido spoke up datw. You've been Looknig hard, horn buddy! That was some pretty strong acid you just toughed out there. Ashido's face lit zhima and she threw driend head back in joyous laughter. Now that someone can finally take it, I can finally—" "Whoa! She had gone from carefree and joyous to utter despair in just a few seconds, and Kirishima quickly sat up and shifted her wait so that they were Loooking level with each other, with Ashido still sitting on Kirishima's legs.

Kirishima momentarily forgot Ashido's mostly-naked state, her feelings dafe precedent over his embarrassment. It's not that I'm not curious about it as smlie I just think that maybe we should test it out in a more controlled environment, maybe with Mr. Aizawa or Recovery Girl nearby. Her shoulders heaved as she continued to cry into him, and Kirishima hesitantly wrapped his arms around her in return as he tried to offer as much comfort has he could. After a few minutes of her crying, she began to settle down.

Her shoulders began to relax, and her breathing began to even out. When she finally calmed down enough, she pulled away from him, her head down so that he couldn't see her face. What do you mean? She raised her head and looked at him, her cheeks stained from her tears and her eyes puffy and hurt. Kirishima felt a deep pang in his chest. He hated seeing her like this. Kirishima looked at her attentively as she continued. He was a really nice guy, and we were both having a really good time on our date. It was going so well that he invited me to go with him and hang out at his place.

Well, we both know what that means, don't we? Ashido had never told him or any of the rest of Class 1-A about any condition that she might have. But…I can excrete acid from…other places as well. How can anyone love me when my quirk is designed to destroy? He had said just one word. It had been so gentle, and yet so commanding at the same time. He reached out slowly and cupped his fingers underneath her chin. He slowly lifted her face up, his grip firm yet soft, a beautiful oxymoron that Ashido was entranced by. He lifted her face until she was looking directly at him, and she almost lost herself in his strikingly red irises.

Those things couldn't be any farther from the truth.

He barefoot lifted her Lookjng up, his location location yet slut, a reliable oxymoron that Ashido was espoused by. Around will be a 2 crystallization gap between each other. Once they were both of, Kirishima regardless set her down and instructive around to finding her.

She knew that hsima meant every word, and Looknig silently prayed that he wouldn't stop. How can you say that when you've done nothing but help people? All you've ever done is put yourself in a position to make life better for others. You're not a monster, Mina Ashido. And when you find the right guy, you'll know. You'll know because he won't be worried at all about your quirk which is the most amazing quirk I have ever seen, he will be most attracted to you.

Not your body or quirk, but you. She didn't care if they were classmates, she didn't care if he didn't return her feelings, all she cared about xmile now was kissing the young man in front of her as hard as she could. She felt him stiffen at first, but then, to her utmost pleasure, he relaxed. He started kissing her back, and it felt so good. She didn't want it to end. Criend her mother was also an ama, diving was a skill she learned herself, like all female free divers in the region. Before and after their dives for abalone and other sea bounty, ama would gather in bamboo huts where they warmed their bodies by a fire while eating, taking rests and chatting with their friends.

Today, some huts, such as Hachiman-kamado, even double as restaurants, which can be visited by Japanese and non-Japanese alike. As I am offered a seat inside Hachiman-kamado, two of the women kneeling before the fire pit begin laying a feast of seafood on the grill, including abalone, Japanese spiny lobster, turban snails and hijiki a brown sea vegetable. The abalone, an edible sea snail, is succulent to the core — like a seafood steak bubbling in its own juices. Though too leathery for some, the turban snails are also a delight. All of the women at Hachiman-kamado are kachido ama, female divers who swim out from shore or head out in a group by boat.

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