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It is not affiliated with any of the other Nacho Mama'srestaurants around the country, Vassallo said. The idea to feature dwarves with chips and salsa on their heads came from a moviecalled "Johnny Be Good," Vassallo said.

Vitamin would say that's why. Itfeatures 4-foot-4 Alden Vento as an environment and server.

Vento has already proven to be a hit with the patrons who came to Nacho Mama's for itsgrand opening and for two preview parties, Vassallo ni. In addition to nacho rounds,Vento also does magic tricks and makes balloon animals. He works the dinner shift Tuesday,Wednesday and Saturday, and after 9: The straw sombrero is nearly three feet wide, and he sometimes bumps into the wall ashe navigates the narrow walkway behind a row of bar stools. Tortilla chips are piledaround the rim of his sombrero. A stainless steel bowl filled with salsa is set in the topof his hat. The worst part is, Johnny Vassallo had just painted.

People greet him with a smile. As for people who think it'sdegrading, they should get a life," said Vento. There were several dozen patrons at the restaurant Thursday night. Here are today's highlights: Power Midge Weigh in 6: The three hour block has now been filled with Skeet Shooting Trampoline Bonanza. Dwarf actor Billy Barty, summed up the LPA's mission in a way everyone can understand - with a toilet. He charmed reporters with, "You don't know discrimination until you walk up to a inch toilet with your inch inseam," before cartwheeling into a drunk man's arms and being expertly thrown into a formation of bowling pins.

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And a wit description of this group's courageous battle against oppression. But there's a grain of sand in this nat bottle of dwarf-empowering lubricant. Steve Vento left sidebarknown to patrons of his restuarant as "The Nacho Man," has been ostracized by the powerful LPA because his serving method. He brings nachos to guests in his oversized but delicious food-filled sombrero, which other midgets see as a step backwards for midget image development. The resourceful walking salad bar disagrees, and claims his size is "a gift from God.

What's wrong with making people happy? Cihps the risk of sounding gay, this reporter would like to eat Steve's hat. Steve was disappointed people thought his sombrero was degrading, and in penance, he's replaced himself with a new nacho server.

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