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The scare image of the department of these jaj was also expected and marriages with a consignment body image had more casual health behavior than other relatives. Slevec JH, Tiggemann M.

The Safavid dynasty has been criticized in a book Red Shi'sm vs. Black Shi'ism datinb the perceived dual aspects of the Shi'a religion throughout history as a period in which although the dynasty didn't form the idea of Black Shi'ism, but this idea was formed after the defeat of Shah Ismail against the Ottoman leader Sultan Yavuz Selim. Black Shi'ism is a product of the post-Safavid period. After three years, Persians besieged them for two months and retook the city in Afsharid dynasty[ edit ] Mashad saw its greatest glory under Nader Shahruler of Iran from to and also a great benefactor of the shrine of Imam Reza, who made the city his capital.

Nearly the whole eastern part of the kingdom of Nadir Shah passed to foreign rulers in this period of Persian impotence under the rule of the vigorous Afghan Ahmad Shah Durrani.

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Ahmad defeated the Persians and took Mashhad after an eight-month siege in Ahmad Shah and his successor Timur Shah left Shah Rukh in possession of Khurasan as their vassal, making Khurasan a kind of buffer state between them and Persia. As the city's real rulers, however, both these Afghan rulers struck coins in Mashhad. Otherwise, the reign of the blind Shah Rukh, which with repeated short interruptions lasted for nearly half a century, passed without any events of special note. It was only after the death of Timur Shah that Agha Mohammad Khan Qajarthe founder of the Qajar dynasty, succeeded in taking Shah Rukh's domains and putting him to death inthus ending the separation of Khurasan from the rest of Persia.

Qajar dynasty[ edit ] Mashhad in Pahlavi dynasty[ edit ] Modernization under Reza Shah[ edit ] The modern development of the city accelerated under the regime of Reza Shah Shah Reza Hospital currently Imam Reza Hospital, affiliated with the Basij organization was founded in ; the sugar factory of Abkuh in ; and the Faculty of Medicine of Mashhad in The city's first power station was installed inand inthe first urban transport service began with two buses.

In this year the first population census was performed, with a result of 76, trobat-e. This gave Russia the excuse to intervene and 29 March bombed the city; this bombing killed several people and pilgrims; action against a Muslim shrine caused a great shock to all Islamic countries. On March 29,the sanctuary of Jxm Reza was bombed by the Russian artillery fire, causing some damage, including to the golden dome, resulting in a widespread and persisting resentment in the Ja Muslim world as well as British India. Imam Reza shrine rebellion Ina backlash against the modernizing, ih policies of Reza Shah erupted in eomen Mashhad shrine.

Responding to a cleric tornat-e denounced the Shah's heretical innovations, corruption and heavy consumer taxes, many bazaaris and villagers took dxting in the shrine, ddating slogans such as "The Shah is a new Yazid. At the same time, public transport vehicles increased to 77 buses and taxis and the railway link with the capital Tehran was established in The census reflected a population ofpeople. The increase in population continued in the following years thanks to the increase in Iranian oil revenues, the decline of the feudal social model, the agrarian reform ofthe founding of the city's airport, the creation of new factories and the development of the health system.

Inthe population reachedinhabitants, andin The extension of the city was expanded from 16 to 33 square kilometres , to , square feet. In an important urban renewal development project for the surroundings of the shrine of Imam Reza was proposed by the famous Iranian architect and urban designer Dariush Borbor to replace the dilapidated slum conditions which surrounded the historic monuments. The project was officially approved in In the surrounding areas were demolished to make way for the implementation of this project. After the revolution the urban renewal project was abandoned. Mashhad after the Revolution[ edit ] In and there were student disturbances after the same events in Tehran.

Geography[ edit ] The city is located at The city benefits from the proximity of the mountains, having cool winters, pleasant springs, mild summers, and beautiful autumns. The city is the administrative center of Mashhad County or the Shahrestan of Mashhad as well as the somewhat smaller district Bakhsh of Mashhad. The city itself, excluding parts of the surrounding Bakhsh and Shahrestan, is divided into 13 smaller administrative units, with a total population of more than 3 million.

The city only sees about millimetres 9. Study limitations Considering the design of the present study cross-sectional researchone of the limitations was that causal relationships between the variables could not be evaluated. Also, Iranian women may feel too embarrassed to express their genuine feelings towards sex due to cultural barriers. Conclusions The present study showed that women with a positive body image had higher sexual function valuation, compared to those with a negative body image. Therefore, body shape satisfaction was a predictor of sexual function. Further research is required to determine other effective factors for sexual health and to assess the effects of occupational status on body image, sexual performance, and sexual satisfaction.

Moreover, future studies should focus on the effects of counseling on sexual satisfaction and sexual function in order to improve the body image of middle-aged women and assess the relationship between body image satisfaction, and sexual function in pre- and post-menopausal women. We would like to thank the Deputy of Research of the Department of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences for the financial support and their cooperation with the present study. July 25,English editing: September 18,Quality control: September 27, Conflict of Interest: There is no conflict of interest to be declared.

All authors contributed to this project and article equally. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Associative factors to sexual dysfunction in menopause women. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res. Arak Med Univ J. Slevec JH, Tiggemann M.

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Predictors Sexyy body dissatisfaction and womenn eating in middle-aged women. Investigation of relationship between body image satisfaction and academic field of study of female students of islamic azad university branch of najafabad. Wo,en journal of nursing research. Torbate- P, Shababi R. Andisheh va raftar Applied psychology ;5 Gender differences in the level of body image satisfaction. Woman In Development And Politics. Body jwm and genital self-image in pre-menopausal women with dyspareunia. Female sexual dysfunction in a population-based study in Iran: Int J Impot Res. Prevalence of female sexual dysfunction and related factors for under treatment in Bushehrian women of Iran.

Association between obesity and depression in middle-aged women. Prevalence and determinants of obesity and overweight in pre-and post-menopausal women in Islamshahr: Serials-The Constant Midlife Crisis. The Female Sexual Function Index: The female sexual function index FSFI: Zeighami Mohammadi Sh, Mojdeh F. Int J Eat Disord. The association between sexual satisfaction and body image in women. An assessment of body appreciation and its relationship to sexual function in women. Self-compassion and body dissatisfaction in women: A randomized controlled trial of a brief meditation intervention.

Stokes R, Frederick-Recascino C. Sexual identity, body image and life satisfaction among women with and without physical disability. Determination of the association between body image with sexual function and marital adjustment in fertile and infertile women by path analysis modeling. Journal of north khorasan university of medical sciences.

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