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Choosing the 50 greatest Indian CEOs ever can get quite tricky, as most of them come with their own extraordinary stories. Although one thing is clear, each of them had their own bridges to cross and aome made a paradigm shift from the old world to the new. A real leader must reepthroat confident, free, fearless, honest and trustworthy. Among the business stalwarts who made it to your llace, Dhirubhai Ambani, going by his achievements, stands apart. His enterprise is not dynastic, he started from scratch. A lot of people put in great effort into tasks all through their lives, but the key to success lies in being focused. When you have a single target in mind, you can channelise all your energies towards achieving fr.

When a thought or an idea stirs you, it is time to act. Most successful people have undergone this experience. The special issue gave the reader some good insights into the world of the leaders of new India. May I know, what is the reason for the same? It only shows that the Indian political scene is never dull. He has never been ashamed of breaking the law and now he has been made the law. By picking him over others, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his unconventional wisdom once again. It is cheap labour, of course. The top CEOs of our country need to realise this and equip the workforce with adequate skills to hold their own in the global market.

A lot of traditional perceptions about the Indian workforce have to change in order to make this possible. The personalities for the issue were indeed thoughtfully selected. Yogi is already exhibiting award winning credentials by acting like the PM during his early days in office in —Adityanath cautioned bureaucrats to perform or perish and asked them to declare their movable and immovable assets. Hopefully, in his excitement to pass off as a development man, a burden hanging heavy on the rather foul mouthed orator as his past speeches have shownhe will manage to keep fringe elements in UP at bay. I firmly believe Yogi will be working on the principles of equality and justice.

This refers to your story on the Congress Masters of Losses, March A leader needs to be down to earth, at least in the eyes of party workers.

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If toinght acts like an unapproachable boss, the people will get rid of him and the party, and look for someone who can be approached and trusted. As far as the Congress is concerned, it has miserably failed to evoke any faith in voters. We have so many sadhus, babas and yogis depethroat on how to make India better. He has the ability to convince the masses about plans even when the statistics tell a different story. A captain has to imbibe many qualities to become a great leader. Indian skipper Virat Kohli lacked the basic character to lead a team with temperamental players like Ishant Sharma. Instead of pacifying them on the field of play, the captain himself appears agitated all the time.

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For three, terrible, long years we did just that. It got us nowhere. On the contrary, we harmed ourselves and we would have done better to grovel and give in to their financial super power. So, who made all the difference? The small, simple, private people. Exactly the kind of group, the BIG organizations wanted to keep out. Lucky for the Bay some did not listen and purchased a ticket and came to see, help and do what they could. If it were not for great guys such as: Nathalie, the party girl, who played with kids. Showed they that someone cared for them.

Indeed, most relied on Public transport. Without references to or demands for non-existing- danger money. And all without a weird blue light on top. If these highly motivated, educated, critical and informed individuals would have been supported just a little more with some official funds wasted daily they are the ones who would really have changed lives to the better. If these highly motivated, educated, critical and informed individuals would have been supported just a little more with some official funds wasted daily they are the ones who would really have changed lives to the better.

Instead, the large organizations regarded them as a threat, obstructed and even boycotted many. Most left, sad and demoralized, because they simply could not compete with empty promises, flash cars and elaborate lifestyles of the Great ones, which did impress and corrupt the local natives. Most in the big organizations seem to regard their tasks as just another job. And although they may have started with great intentions they were soon grounded by their own bureaucracy. Only few had the back bone to resign in disgust. WE salute them all. And we wish to thank our loyal, critical supporters herewith. Without all of you great guys I am sure that some of the neck ties dropped of by the Red Cross 3 years ago would have found more than one non-intended use by now.

Let us hope and pray that the next 3 years will not see are repeat performance of this mismanagement and waste of resources! Below is just one Example. This what we often see, locally. Nothing at all has been done, apart from an erected sign! The trusting donors were content. But, would they still be happy with their good deed? If they had been given the facts? Happy New Year ! I had visited the east coast of Lanka 5 days after the Tsunami and it was just over 5 months, when I got the opportunity to return to Arugambay to see how the population directly affected by the Tsunami have recovered.

The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. I'm glad that you simply shared this useful information with us. Le vendredi, 30 novembre Also your website so much up fast! What host are you the use of? Maha Tben thoughts hpnum turned to Cambodia, Maha Chakkraphat ordered Prince Tebng, the governor of Sawankhalok, to lead an expedition meancuey punish Ang Chan and recover the Thai captives. The rival armies met, ia Ang Chan killed Prince Ong with a musket shot from elephant back. The leaderless Thai army fled, and Ang Chan chathing captured more than 10, Siamese soldiers, to celebrate his great victory, King Ang Chan supposedly named Hairy naked lindsay battleground Siem Reap, meaning the total defeat keanchey Siam.

The capture coincided Who is up for chatting in phnum tbeng meanchey the decline of Angkor, though the reasons behind its abandonment are gor clear and they may have included environmental changes and failings in the Khmer infrastructure. From the sixteenth to the centuries, infighting among the Khmer nobility led to periodic intervention and domination by both of Cambodias more powerful neighbors, Vietnam and Siam. In fact, during the 18th century, under the rule of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, it was known as Nakhorn Siam, Siem Reap was little more than a village when French explorers such as Henri Mouhot re-discovered Angkor in the 19th century.

It is located tdincomalee the part of the Virachey National Trincoma,ee. Location[ edit ] Koh Kong trincomlaee is accessible by land, sea and air. From the border it is 10 kilometres to the town. The road crosses four large rivers where bridges have recently been built. Inthe Koh Kong bridge was completed linking the town of Koh Kong with the border crossing to Thailand. The bridge was completed at a cost of US 7. Elements of the Khmer Rouge based in the lower Cardamoms still posed a serious threat to locals and travellers. The area was the scene of intermittent fighting between the government and Democratic Kampuchea forces until They claimed via Khmer Rouge Radio to have killed 1, Vietnamese troops and injured more during the battle.

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