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He later attempts to alert the village constable, who dismisses him. Development[ edit ] Snot film was announced in[9] with Jane Goldman as screenwriter [9] and later James Watkins as director. In town, Jerome's house catches fire with his daughter still inside. The letter reveals that Jennet blames Alice for saving only herself and leaving Nathaniel's body in the marsh.

Victoria's father blames Arthur for his daughter's death, as Arthur saw "that woman" at Eel Marsh. They suddenly look up at something off-screen and, as though possessed, jump to their deaths from the bedroom window. Plot[ edit ] In an English village, Crythin Gifford, inthree girls are having a tea party. Assuming Jennet pacified, Arthur and his son Joseph meet at the railway station.

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A death certificate reveals that Nathaniel drowned in a carriage accident on shog marsh. The death certificates reveal that Jennet hanged herself from a beam in the nursery, vowing never to forgive Blac. When Sam attempts to drive Arthur to Eel Marsh the next day, a fleet of local men attempt to drive him off. Arthur finds the nursery no longer locked. Angel of Deathwas given a higher rating of Post-production[ edit ] At the Kapow! Though he attempts to save him, both Arthur and Joseph are killed by the oncoming train while a horrified Sam sees the spirits of the village children, and the Woman in Black.

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