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In a few geviews, the clients mentioned their children in their initial call. One posted ad generated countless calls around the clock. It gives a lot of perspective to just how big this industry is even in the Cape Fear region.

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The Vice Wilminhton came through the door and the color drained from Ayers face. That's more than my house cost. We often don't turn our attention to the men and rather brush off their involvement as just trying to get a need met. The tour also included a recording studio and a beach house in two other sound stages. If you come to Brunswick County looking for a little action, it may not be quite the heart-racing experience you intended.

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Ayers tried to explain that he was reviewd and "not thinking. They went on to explain some of the magic of producing a TV show--the moving walls, the nd of electricity or running water in the "house" and what they need to do to create that illusion. The agent, thinking fast, explained that she had a twin sister that Ayers was mistaking her for. She and Ayers had worked together in law enforcement at one point. On the streets, rape, robbery and assault are all a part of the game for prostitutes.

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