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I'm not a traditional dater, I am me narsafsuaq I follow narsarsuq heart. I am looking for passion, happiness, a spiritual, mental, verbal, physical, emotional, phsycological, and connecting bond so impowering that Horney housewifes in narsarsuaq people involved in it are inseperable and unconditional to each other. They do not want to be natsarsuaq from each other, they share everything with each other, they are open, honest, caring and sweet to each other equally and they housweifes together to solve a situation. I want to be able to sneak up on my girl when she gets out of bed for a late night snack and slide my arms around her sides and give her a hug and kiss, tell her I missed her and love her and was thinking about her and make her something to eat, then walk hand in hand to bed I want to fill the spaces between my fingers with hers I want to catch her every tear I want to dedicate my life to the burning sensation in her heart and the smile on her face I want to be able to watch her facial expression when she wakes up to breakfast in bed with flowers and notes covering the walls and ceiling and floor of how much I love her I want to have a reason to remember dates and anniversaries

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