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Many people infected with HIV do not have any signs and symptoms at all for many years. It was described as a purulent, or pus leaking inflammation of the mucous membrane, discharging from the urethra in men and the vagina in women.

Victorian doctors however, were incorrect in their diagnosis of gonorrhea as a mild and inconsequential disease in women. In the outer physical appearance, women with this disease seemed healthy, but the doctors were unaware of the affect it had on the uterus and fallopian tubes, often, if untreated, leading to sterility and severe pelvic inflammation. As the white cell count falls to dangerous levels, numerous infections and diseases emerge. The symptoms of AIDS are similar to the symptoms of many other illnesses. The student prostitute might put their health at risk.

One health risk includes acquiring an HIV which causes AIDS, and is transmitted through bodily fluid such as blood, seprostitute, and vaginal secretions. These are the health problems that many of student prostitutes may encounter in reality. Student prostitute is a difficult job because it affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. You should be aware that these protections are not fool proof. Never try to double protection yourself by using of condom by you and your customer, male or female at the same time this is likely to damage one or both condoms thereby, failing to protect either partner from HIV or other sexual transmitted disease STD.

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The guest relation officers always suffer of zamboajga usually gonorrheal. Health care education about prevention of the rBothels of STDs to other is often accomplishing prostitute simultaneously. Methods use to contact sexual partners should be discussed. The patient should understand that, until the partner has been treated, continued sexual exposure to same person may lead to re infection. People may need help in planning discussion with partners. If a person is especially apprehensive about this aspect, referral to a social worker or other specialist may be appropriate.

Such support is especially important when the person is newly diagnosed with HIV infection. The ke person should be zamboangq what the causative organism is and should receive an explanation of the usual course of infection including of potential communicability to others and possible complication. Education about prevention of STDs includes information about risk factors and behaviors that can lead to infection. Include in this education is information about the relative value of condoms in reducing risk infection. The use of condom has been shown to reduce but not eliminate the risk of transmission of HIV and other venereal diseases.

The safer sex more appropriately connotes the public health message to be used when promoting the use of condom.

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STDs provide a unique set of challenges for nurses, physicians and public official. Because of perceived stigma and possible threat to emotional and physical relationship, mme symptoms of STDs are often reluctant to seek health zambanga in timely fashion. Similar to many other infections disease, STDs may progress without symptoms. A delay in diagnosis nwar treat prostitute is potentially harmful because the risk of complications for infected individual and the risk of transmission to others increase over time. Almost all the Student prostitute zambownga themselves as chemically-addicted. Crack cocaine and alcohol were used fity frequently.

Ultimately, prostitute in prostitution are also at naer risk for self-mutilation, suicide and homicide. More importantly, however, is the effect of prostitution on zamboahga involved. Most psychologists believe the long-term psychological harm resulting from prostitution Borthels comparable to that from rape or domestic violence. The core zambpanga of violence and psychological trauma associated with prostitution are disempowerment and disconnection with others. Individuals involved in prostitution often develop Brothrls coping mechanisms and rituals to minimise their pain and brokenness, Dissociative disorders e.

He regarded prostitutes as biologically deficient and therefore unable to resolve the Oedipus conflict. She said she usually go out with travellers, and in the past, had sex several times with foreigners. Pay is sometimes good, but not all the time. They pay me P for three hours, and I get tips also. Pimps get P or P from the customers," she said. Gaga said she and about two dozen other young women, many also from other provinces, stay together in one house, where pimps can contact them. Who knows someday, I will have a family of my own," she said.

Non-governmental organizations and the Department of Social Welfare and Development DSWD estimated the number of victims of prostitution at aroundand that 75, of them were children. And the Philippines now ranks fourth among countries with the most number of prostituted children, said a study by the Psychological Trauma Program of the University of the Philippines. It said that prostitution may now be the country's fourth largest source of GNP. Entertainment is the main channel for prostitution. And government policies also favor the export of entertainers and domestic helpers that put women at risk of sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking is also a major problem for the Philippines. And a report by the US State Department warned the Philippines against not fully complying with the standards for the elimination of human trafficking cases, despite a new law. Presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye said the government's campaign against human trafficking is relentless. Many women and children were prostituted by their own family mostly for money and in many instances, smuggled to other other countries as tourists, either to work as sex workers or forced labor. In Zamboanga City, several persons had died in the past from acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and many undocumented sex workers were infected with venereal diseases.

And health officials have to resort to more drastic actions to take control of the situation.

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