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As he tries to rush Olga out of the hospital, she reminds him to be patient with her.

Olga Slut

oolga But Eric refuses the offer. Fernanda is not feeling entirely secure in their relationship since being greeted on night one in the U. His frustration with her is unfounded and likely a result of his immaturity. Therefore, when Colt forces her to take the elevator to the tiipety-top floor and sit next to a plate glass window a zillion feet above the city, Larissa only feels two things: At the used car lot, Larissa lays out her list of demands: To her credit, Debbie smiles and congratulates them through gritted teeth.

Um, Roxy, girrrrrrrrl — all I have to say is give Good a call and see how it all life out with Compulsive Chantel. Hello the run FRACK is that and why must this show load my decisions in shameless, jealous ways each week!!?!?.

Steven is allowed in the room while the C-section is performed and, shockingly, cameras are apparently allowed to film every surgical detail of poor Olga being sliced open. Colt hopes his surprise plan of presenting Larissa with an official engagement ring will erase all memory of having no AC on the reg. Where will that poor child sleep?!? Much like the rest of us, they are horrified.

Nick has obviously gotten the memo that the entire family hates Asuelu, so he hands him a llga as a welcome gift. When they arrive home, Colt and Larissa wake Mother Debbie from a sound sleep to show her the ring. Olga is thrilled too, but naturally exhausted, and needs to sleep rather than talk to Steven anymore. Jonathan threw her under the family bus before she could get on it! Because despite early signs of stress at becoming new parents, Steven and Olga are definitely winning in the off-camera social media department.

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