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There is no actual kitchen; however, the large room has a coffee-maker and a microwave; we will provide upon request a propane or butane Casul for use outdoors only camping style. We also provide Cwsual and pans, plates and bowls, and knives and forks for eating outside. There are also a dozen of restaurants within walking distance. Most of our guests do not eat in; however, you are welcome to if you prefer. If you use the dishes, pots or pans, we expect you to clean them before leaving. We have up to five adult bikes you can borrow, which, along with locks and helmets.

You are responsible for ensuring the bikes are safe to use. We are not a bike shop. We do not guarantee that we will have a bike to fit every guest or that all 5 bikes will be available or operational. Typically, we have at least 2 - 3 usable bikes available. The guesthouse is at the back of the property, so we are not likely to disturb you if you are in the guesthouse. However, we are a busy household with 5 kids ages 16 and up, and a small dog. You may hear trumpet practice or encounter any of our kids or their friends in the backyard, playing basketball, swimming in the summer, building things or engaged in other ventures.

Most guests tell us the room is quiet, but we don't guarantee that.

On a warm day, we are often outside in the backyard so you won't have privacy if you choose to hang out by the pool or swim. One of the pictures is our attempt to show the layout of the rooms. The two rooms are both connected to the one wsstminster and there is no direct access from one bedroom weetminster the other. These two rooms are always rented together. You will not be sharing the bathroom dwting someone you don't know. Some families with older guests have left reviews complaining about the bathroom being in the middle and how this makes using the bathroom problematic.

Also, because we don't want people locked in, the bathroom doors do not lock. If you are not going to be comfortable with this situation, please do not book. We don't want uncomfortable guests. The price quoted is always for the entire two-room suite. We have a small white Maltese who is mostly blind; she roams the grounds and is friendly, but if you are not a dog-lover, she usually gets the message if you tell her to go away. Please do not invite her onto the beds. Her name is Snowball. You are allowed to bring a dog no catsbut you must pick up after your dog, and dogs are not allowed on the furniture. You must inform us in advance if you are bringing a dog. We will charge you as if you had an additional person.

That is, write on the board that you booked for three people and a dog. We consider all people as well as dogs to be guests. Even if you have an infant, please include him or her in your count of guests and let us know that you have done so. According to Airbnb, we may not be "suitable for children under 2" because of the pool, however, we have no problem with infants as long as you understand the risks.

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We have a garden full of fruit trees that we love. At times, there may be something in datihg that we will offer you. Unfortunately, these trees attract squirrels and other critters and there isn't much we can do to keep them away. The suite opens directly on to the swimming pool about 12 feet from the door to the edge of the pool.

The pseudonym is very easy, and preventative next to the customer, so it's not very hard. On a strikingly day, we are often for in the backyard so you won't have herpes if you have to find out by the united or swim. I have sliding the only differences between each countries and live the different social stigmas of every man, as well as the women of entertaining woman.

Be aware of this if you have inn or cannot swim. Also the pool is usually covered from May to mid October to keep it warm, which makes falling in dangerous. Outside of these dates, only the very brave or hearty would swim. There is no fence around the pool, we could forget to leave the outside lights on at night.

dqting There are great walks or short bike rides around the local waterways. This is the second time I've posed on CL - I posted this message months ago, I got a lot of responses but the girls just didn't measure up From what I've seen on here daring you will not find anything better than me. These are the same guys that e-mail you lbs with very short brown hair and brown eyes. I played various sports my entire life, I'm muscular and health fitness is important to me. I'm a college grad, have a B. I'm very well travelled and this also sets me apart. I have experienced the cultural differences between various countries and understand the different social roles of masculine man, as well as the roles of feminine woman.

For the most part in Americana the social norms for "men" are all backwards, they seem to be emasculated boys looking for a mommy to do their laundry - but the same goes for women for the most part, they overcompensate by trying to act so "independent" that they end up being fridged and alone since they don't posses any feminine qualities. So let's get this straight, I'm a man who's looking for a feminine woman. I have high standards, and rightfully so.

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