Stockholm escorted vacation

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Top attractions in Stockholm

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One can visit the palace including the royal suites. The actual building which sscorted home to the Royal Family is the beautifully preserved and outstanding Drottningholm Palace. Stockholm City Hall is an attractive building which is the venue for the Nobel Peace Prize awards banquet and has the largest pipe organ in Scandinavia.

There is a museum devoted to the history of the Nobel Peace Prize not to be missed on Swedish. Another interesting church is the gothic-style Stockholm Cathedral situated in the Old Town and which dates back to the 13th Century. One is Drottningholm Palace. Stockholm has museums of varying kinds to satisfy you on trips to Sweden.

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Probably the best known is the Vasa Museum with escorhed preserved 17th Century sailing ship which sank but was salvaged and eventually displayed in this museum. For art lovers, the National Museum has over 16, paintings from all periods, the largest painting collection in Sweden. Not officially an art gallery but the Stockholm Metro in 90 of its stations has exhibits of sculptures, mosaics, paintings and engravings by more than artists. Best things to do in Stockholm The Swedish capital is a dynamic city with characteristic island districts that offer something for everyone.

Escorted vacation Stockholm

Looking for an itinerary bolstered by modern art, historic villages, grand palaces, and an exciting nightlife? Then look no further than Stockholm! Stockholm City Hall Though it's exterior is relatively modest for a city hallit's worth taking a tour of its lavish halls for the stunning gold mosaics and Scandinavia's largest pipe organ. Skansen Sweden's oldest open-air museum and zoo Skansen combines historic structures including a replica of a 19th-century town! Vasa Museum The Vasa warship sank barely a kilometer into her maiden voyage. It's failure didn't just fascinate the Swedes — it's now the centerpiece for Scandinavia's most visited museum!

Drottningholm Palace The original burnt down inthe same year it was bought by a former queen. She had it completely rebuilt, and it remains the elegant home of the Swedish Royals today! Culture vultures can't afford to miss it!

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