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The Sluts of Sutton Drive – review

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In Sutron Street the later Burlington Arms, so called byexisted in the early 16th century. Mainly this is in the writing, as despite a strong performance by Eric Kofi Abrefa the character of Jayden felt underdeveloped and it seemed as if the play should have finished twice before it did, making it seem a little overlong. Presumably that building and its neighbours were reached by a way leading eastward from the ferry along the river bank, the forerunner of Chiswick Mallalthough it is not clear how far the medieval road extended.

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Church Street there ran northward from the ferry, with a continuation across the open field which lay between the village and the high road to London and Brentford. But the exhilaration is reduced by the implication that self-harm and annihilation are the only release for those without the education or economic means to escape prescribed roles. Darkly comic and sublimely surreal at its best, this new play is well worth an evening of your time. From the first scene this play is peppered with interesting characters and clever conventions, and the snappy, witty exchange between Stephanie and Sharice Kelly Burke sets the comic tone, while her uncomfortable yet intriguing meeting with the Mailman Matt Steinberg hints at a dark underbelly to the piece.

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Runs until 14th July. Forerunners of the existing Chiswick Housewhich was created by the earl of Burlington d. Tristram Kenton for the Guardian Abiner fun, very camp and more than a mite perplexing, Joshua Conkel's black comedy is like a working-class version of Desperate Housewives meets Thelma and Louise. Things eventually go with a bang in Rebecca Atkinson-Lord's production, which makes the most of the wise-cracking comedy and boasts a fantastic performance from Georgia Buchanan as the increasingly unhinged heroine. The parish had offered a country retreat for Henry VI and later for prelates in the 15th century and for courtiers and the scholars of Westminster from the 16th.

There's a lovely moment of liberation as Stephanie and Sharice dress up in wedding dresses and dance.

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