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In each area, the couples were also asked to describe decision-making situations where they were agreeing and disagreeing with one another. Thus a female researcher met the wife in a private place to describe the research, assess inclusion criteria, and determine willingness to participate. Some of the preliminary codes were maintained and others were revised. Only 11 participants—all husbands—had formal employment and all were in jobs with low income. Probes were used to explore steps the couples went through as they made the decisions. Then the researchers met to confirm eligibility; if one partner was not willing to participate the couple would be told they were not eligible without specifying that one had refused to participate.

The investigator had frequent debriefing sessions with the research advisor and other experts. Sample The 30 participants met the following selection criteria: Such discussions provided the investigator a sounding board for developing ideas and interpretations, as well as recognizing investigator biases and preferences.

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The decision-making approaches were the overall patterns that were used when making final decisions in various areas of decision making. The following is sominated detailed explanation of steps of data analysis: The rest of the participants depended on subsistence farming and small businesses for sources of income. Morse recommended that grounded theory requires a minimum of 30—50 interviews for the researcher to discern the essence of experiences that are being explored.

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