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My rule has always been get involved but not too involved if you catch my drift. The goal here is wmen get to know people, participate in few events and get free food on occasion. Girls here are just as giving as they would be in sorority especially the freshmen and transfers. I had group of buddies and we traded information amongst each other that was the biggest help.

Building a network through people you met on campus, college events, clubs and yes even the library will come handy right here. How else Hot college women know about house parties and social gatherings without a solid network? There all an IG or Snapchat away. Your able to cover huge amount of ground without building up sweat. I like use Instagram when I was in college and still do to be honest. Sexy blonde has her first lesbian experience in a college dorm with her roommate. This strict college professor has finally met his match with these three beautiful and nasty college girls. It was another Friday night at the dorm and I was all alone in my room doing the usual, masturbating to online porn while still single, dateless and a virgin!

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