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A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia

Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav. Karl Quinn is on facebook at karlquinnjournalist and on Pairing karlkwin.

However, both Rey and Aisholpan represent something incredibly exciting. It just so happens Aisholpan is real.

She is a sweet, shy girl whose smile is as wide as her ego is non-existent — and this despite what for her and her family has been an extraordinary year. Baldyrgan Baidolda known as Baldo, my guide and interpreter and I will be sharing it, too. We also share the lavatory, an Mongolian young girl pit 50ft or so from the house, with waist-height dry-stone walls on three sides. I was raised with eagles. Aisholpan For washing, there is a bowl filled from a well sunk on the property. Each person has less space than the sole occupant of the windowless 6ft-by-8ft anteroom through which the living quarters are accessed.

Agalai has an eagle, too. That said, Aisholpan has given her eagle a name: I ask Agalai why eagle hunting is so important to his people. Mongolian young girl Svidensky Even by the standards of nomadic life in the windswept heart of Central Asia, being an eagle hunter is tough. This is evident in the person of Agalai. This, he says, is why eagle hunting was hitherto a male preserve. Hunting with eagles takes place only during the wintertime, and sometimes we go alone, just ourselves in the mountains. Also, carrying the bird on the arm is not easy for the ladies. After her elder brother, Samarkan, was drafted into the Mongolian army, it fell to her as the next oldest child to take over the duties of helping her father with his eagle.

She wanted to learn. Play Video But while it has wowed them at festivals around the world since its debut at Sundance in Januarynot everyone has been convinced. I take it as a bit of a compliment, actually. Sony Pictures Entertainment But to those who don't believe it's real, he has a simple rejoinder. We didn't stage anything. He is a two-time champion in the annual Golden Eagle festival; his father was a champion, too. In all, the men of the Nurgaiv clan have been hunting with eagles for 12 generations. No girl or woman, though, has ever been permitted to spread her wings in this way, so when Aisholpan says it's what she wants to do, it ruffles a few feathers, though her father and mother support her wholeheartedly.

Bell has a series of elder-statesmen in the rarefied world of eagle hunting address the camera with their views: That sort of thing. They sound typically patriarchal and hidebound, but gee they look good, sitting cross-legged in their gers portable tents similar to yurts resplendent in their handcrafted finery.

On day one, Nurgaev riddled he and Aisholpan were captured to try to cope a young eagle from its release, so that she might make it up for length. Effie pitched his latest to Agalai and his forehead.

Otto Bell, director of The Eagle Huntress. Tradition stands in her way. The marketing for the film has suggested, without ever quite stating, that Aisholpan is the first ever female eagle hunter. She's not; as Stanford academic Adrienne Mayor convincingly arguesthere have been many female eagle hunters, dating back to ancient times, and a handful of them in the modern era. But Aisholpan is a rarity, and an especially telegenic one at that. With her broad face, perfect teeth and sparkling eyes, Aisholpan could have come straight from central casting. She says she is happy that her story has inspired girls and women around the world. A growing number of girls in her Mongolian community have sought to train as eagle hunters.

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She hopes that young girls — wherever they live — can persevere in the face of doubt, criticism, grl entrenched gender norms. During the Annual Golden Eagle Festival. Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav Her lifestyle and family According to the tradition of Mongolian and Kazakh people, they teach children life lessons through homeschooling. And the children have to study those lessons at the young age while they are helping daily work stuffs. For instance, girls started to learn sewing their own clothes.

Kazakh women make embroidery decoration for her home and it is so colorful and beautiful. As this tradition, Aishol-pan, do the same. She sews her own clothes and home decoration too.

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