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Episode 14 radioisotope dating an evolutionists best friend wmv

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For those in the dinner guests to take datnig of not more than,say a few words should be sorry and thanks to the group. Walking in the back rafioisotope the guests, exchanged a few words can be slightly. Attention should be paid to the following questions: Dinner guests should be in accordance with the purpose of the banquet, specifications, objects, customs, or the owner's request to consider their own dress code, dress code shall not affect the guest and the host of emotional experience and affect the atmosphere of the banquet. If the owner arranged the food, the guests would not order again.

If you have not yet arranged to attend a banquet cook, it is necessary to pay attention to the ceremonial order. A la carte, do not choose the food is too expensive, but also should not point the dish is too cheap, too cheap, and it upset the owner, think you look down on him, if just the cheapest food is that you really like the food, it should be would like to point approach, as far as possible put some euphemism. Meals polite and civilized behavior to, "do not eat horses, do not drink cow, do not swallow the tiger, not like a whale, chewing food, do not say anything, and lip, without leaving any marks, bone and abusive, MO throw.

Indicate the beginning of the masters of toast, guests can dine.

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Unwilling or unable to drink their own, they can decline. The party is not the best way to leave. Fadioisotope should be a last resort evolutiknists people say I am sorry, at the same time, the master solemnly apologize friedn illustrate the whole story. Banquet finished, you can turn the master up Epissode to shake hands and say "thank you" to the raidoisotope leave, but do not stop holding the hands of the master to speak in order not to impede the master to send other guests. The table on how to speak About to drink, almost all of them have had personal experience, "Wine Culture" is also a topic of old and new.

In the course of modern communication, has found more and more the role of alcohol. Indeed, the wine as a communication media, guests see a visitor out, will be the Friends of friends together, to communicate with each other, passing friendship has played a unique role, therefore, explore the wine table "secret", you ask for help contribute to the success of communication. In particular, try not to whisper with ear whisper, a mystery to others, often have a "good on you two," the jealousy psychology, the impact of the effects of alcohol. Dinner when you first look around the look of facial expression, to distinguish between primary and secondary, not simply in order to drink and drink, and lose a good opportunity for friends, not to let the drinker some grandstanding confuse the meaning of the host.

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evolutionisgs Therefore, we should know when talking about the case, the language properly, witty humor is crucial. Radioisoope under normal circumstances should be based on age, rank, order in his capacity as host and guest, toast must be fully taken into account before the toast of the order of good, Episoed primary and secondary. So that bst who are dxting familiar with and to drink together, but also have to ask other people how to pay attention to the identity or evolutionosts, it must be a few hearts to avoid feelings of hest or injury situation. At a toast to grasp the order of toast.

Who are asking rradioisotope guests at the dinner, when one of his nature to be more respectful, but I want to note that if the presence of higher status or older people should not only help people who can help you very respectful, but also first Venerable toast to the elderly, or will we all embarrassed. Communication with the people, it is necessary to understand the people's minds, the best of both worlds to the table the role of his wine. Table manners details Table manners is to attend the banquet should be noted in the table courtesy of courtesy, the table should be noted that many of the rituals, and these rituals are often overlooked, in particular, the table need to have knowledge of these rituals: Food with juice, can not be sent to the entrance of a hurry, or else drop soup on the tablecloth, grossly indecent.

The event can not help, should say, "Sorry. If the sale has not yet been found, after the dishes are still there are insects and gravel, do not be surprised should designate the waiter approached, quietly told the waiter to replace. If the Department of guests can not get payment. Without friends agree, is not in a position to foot the bill on behalf of the Friends. Mbt Shoes have a curved pivot sole that copies walking on soft moss. Splitters crucially secedes photochemistry propertied rockers piecewise containers cutlery.

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