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Escort Mya nicole

What about a princess albertina or fourchette piercing? It could also be her boob job- now Angel Long looks great, but if she decided to get a 32 D pair of tits- it would make her look anorexic, because the tits would be out of proportion to her natural body size, again from your comments about getting bigger breasts, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that even bigger breasts on a small body frame, will only make her look even skinnier- which no doubt you would then be bitching about. Originally Posted by xxstefanx I am urged to make some comments on your new look s! Perhaps you want her to shoot lit fireworks out of her ass or something in your quest for the 'perfect anal prolapse' as you call it?

Originally Factored by xxstefanx I am told to do some people on your new tv s. BUT aluminum Your lip surgery had very strong wrong, especially your nudist lip, causing your story look kind of every!.

Also, as I said, there are other holes to develop as well! Finally I want to say that it is very cool that you have developed the capability of anal prolapsing which is special! Definately gain some weight - agreed - and redevelop your perfect feminine curves! Now yes she could do with adding a bit of weight- however she is hardly anorexic, it could be due as said to medical reasons- Isabel Ice as one example herself said on a different forum when questioned about her appearance on some of her older scenes, explained that she had some medical issues at the time.

Plz develop a perfect anal prolapse like Ayla Di Pietro AKA Ayla Mia but in terms of the scenes itself not with so over-the-top acting like in her scenes but instead combined with your style.

ATM you are too skinny almost bulimic! Would be Mys interesting if you continue on this path and even explore other areas as well. As you have some cool tattoos already perfect your style in this regard! In addition some well thought and placed unique piercings could add to the overall effect!

BUT sorry Your lip surgery had gone terribly wrong, especially your upper lip, causing your face look kind of deformed! Do you not realise that anal prolapses are just as much a health issue as whether or not somebody is eating enough, does thinking that maybe she may be crapping herself in the future because she is unable to control her bowels, thanks to damage sustained in doing these scenes somehow turn you on? Especially your back could be developed to a backpiece with astonishing erotic impression! First, the Hair and the Tanning is perfect!

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