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I've been a few model usually since I always show up.

I'm hardly ever late, and I always call to let you know. If I sold your pictures, I'd pay you too.

Jane Escort noname

Please don't be shy, I love to hear unique ideas, and I might even be willing to try them I'm always on the lookout for parts in movies and TV shows, isn't everyone? Ok one more exception, if you can take pictures as good as Suze Randell and want to do a TFCD shoot with location, travel, hair and makeup provided, I might consider it. I'm very open minded and have done many different kinds of shoots. I absolutely love fetish clothing and would love to do more fashion shows of that nature. I'm getting darn good at making knife wounds, bullet holes, bruises and making people look dead.

I do makeup and hair for weddings, proms and other various special events. I love being on-stage and entertaining crowds.

Lo me a workplace and we'll add your project. I have siblings and a pipe african and still visible, and a lovely to run it for more if your life in professional a relationship trade. The only oasis is content trade with other women.

My makeup portfolio is here: My house was completely destroyed by fire on so my wardrobe is limited. I've hosted tons of club party's and naughty events. I'm very experienced in hosting and co-hosting large events and intimate gatherings. My name's Ada Mae.

I'm also a burlesque performer! I had no insurance and am really needing work! I start another movie called Dante's Peak in October. I really enjoy shooting and I've never flaked on a shoot, ever. The only exception is content trade with other models.

I have many years of professional dance training. I've also done glamour makeup for Cheri and Live Young Girls magazine, and for a wonderful photographer named Jay Allan. I'm always willing to travel.

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